corrupted DLC?

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User Info: Murraywright

3 years ago#1
I haven't downloaded anything and I'm getting a pop up about damaged dlc and getting booted back to the home screen I'm reading all the freezing issues but none on this one anyone else getting this?
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User Info: DarthMcFaiger

3 years ago#2

I do have DLC though but I've had it all since launch day but today it's become a problem, the only thing I didn't get was that stupid WBID Batsuit until earlier on today as soon as I got that downloaded I experienced my first "damaged dlc" message and now I can't do a damn thing.

User Info: frito915

3 years ago#3
i had the same thing happen to me, i can't go back to the gotham royal hotel without the damaged DLC message popping up and booting me back to my dashboard, i tried downloading the one million outfit and ever since i haven't been able to go there, i didn't even get the batsuit and it still won't work.

User Info: DarthMcFaiger

3 years ago#4
If you tried to download the Batsuit I think it's gives it to you automatically the next time you begin to play, that's what happened to me. Signed up to WBID and got a brief message on screen saying next time I load the game I'll have the suit, this suit is clearly the problem. I was ok at first, I could contine on with my main story but it would crash at a certain point and now I can't load anything, can't even get to the title screen without that stupid message. Think we are screwed until a patch comes.

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