Can't beat Deathstroke

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User Info: ry1116

4 years ago#1
DeathStroke is a pain I get close to defeating him but can't

User Info: MMC2100

4 years ago#2
just keep following the prompts on screen. He's fairly easy to beat.

I made the mistake of thinking too hard about button-mashing and whatnot. Just reverse his moves, strike once or twice, and repeat. It takes a while, but it's quite simple once you get the patterns down.

User Info: unjustchimp

4 years ago#3
Just take your time and don't try to rush the fight. Try to stay on the offensive as much as possible which will prompt him to fight back. When this happens try not to over anticipate when you need to counter. The game will give you the counter prompt so follow that, as the attack prompt over his head sometimes gets in the way and can confuse you (if that makes sense). If he launches the barrels at you, you only need to counter with 'Y'. Sometimes the game tries to throw all these prompts on the screen at once and can also confuse you. You can also use the quick grapple ( L trigger + Y) to pull him towards you and sometimes get a free hit. Also, be aware that anytime you attack him with his back against a wall, you will be forced to do that stupid staff grab kick flip thing to get him away from the wall. After a certain amount of damage, you will get to a point where you will HAVE to counter a few of his in a row and then get to do a beatdown. This progresses the fight to the next phase (this happens 3 or 4 times) but your tactics will pretty much be the same.

But like I said, patience will get you there. I just did this fight and at first I had a bit of trouble too, partly because it feels like some of it was sloppily put together (kind of like my post). I have faith in you.
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User Info: Wolfie80

4 years ago#4
I agree with Mmc the first time I fought death stroke I tried too hard to beat him! Patience is your best friend here... When death stroke attacks with his staff counter twice then attack 2 to 3 times no more or your inviting trouble, when he is mocking you fire your bat claw and give him a slam. Practice this move because once he breaks out the sword you will need it. When he attacks with his sword counter 3 times then attack but not more than twice and if possible get him with the slam as it will expedite the process. If and when he throws the barrels at you just mash your counter to catch it. Just be patient let deathstoke bring the fight to you not the other way .

Just so you know it took me like 5 hours to beat him the first time I played. After slowing down and realizing my limitations when I played on new game + I nearly got the achievement ( he got me once with the sword) on my first play thru. Good luck you can do it.

User Info: TemplariShadow

4 years ago#5
Just beating him isn't difficult. Button mashing is a no-no. Playing conservatively is the name of the game. Calculated strikes. Get in, get a 2 or 3 hit flow build up. A,A evade out a few times to maintain your combo than either Batclaw-Slam to further the combo or go in for a few more X strikes. Be wary of the counters. Tap Y once to register the counter than just a few taps of X to get in a few more strikes. Don't get too... greedy with the hits. And don't counter too early. Many was the time I was too bold and went for one strike too many and got bopped on the head. It took me a while simply because I was going for the achievement. Getting a rhythm for the strike/strike/strike dodge patter is key. It'll let you build up to a combo to do a takedown which will take down a blip of his health bar and stagger him to set you up to build towards the next combo. The jump staff pummeling thing you just have to get the rhythm down of tapping Y with the hits. Conservative. Don't be a in rush to beat him. Let him come to you so you can pummel and counter when you want to. The Batclaw is great for this fight.

User Info: davdirks

4 years ago#6
If it makes you feel any better, it was very difficult for me too. I watched some youtube clips and followed what people here said. And boy was I happy when it was over. Only to later find the Bane battle nearly as challenging. Keep trying out different things that work for you. I had to learn to be a bit counterintuitive on this one. Being on offensive when I wasn't sure of myself. And also waiting a while before hitting counter. And only hitting counter once and trying to move out of the way. Good luck.

User Info: DarthUchiha91

4 years ago#7
Yea, pretty much everything said here.

1. Patience is key here. Just like a real fight with a pro, you don't strike recklessly, or he'll punish you.

2. Countering (especially countering his counter, that's where you'll land the majority of your hits) is also crucial.

3. That bat claw comes in handy. Use it every now and then(don't overdo it though) to break up his flow.

4. What helps me take a nice chunk of his health was landing takedowns which you can do after 8x. Yes, they do work on deathstroke. My first playthrough I wasn't good enough to keep the combo going during the fight so I would wait until after the mandatory beatdowns and then do the takedowns right after. Now I can. I'm not sure if deathstroke can counter these(maybe on NG+ or I am the night) but I was playing on hard and it worked every time I tried it without fail.
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User Info: terrysmay04

4 years ago#8
Batclaw, use it a TON during the match, he basically lets you rock him with it over and over.
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User Info: mediakill

4 years ago#9
I must be the worst gamer at AO. It took me like twenty something tries and almost the urge to rage.
The battle is in stages like 4 if i recall. Respond to the prompts quickly when they appear. Do not mash the button but respond with a relaxed tap with timing which will be counter to your frantic usual button presses. Jump alot over him and attack and use gadgets liberally like batclaw. Be like a spider monkey. Try not to stand around and attack him head on. jump behind him and then pound on him. Especially for the last part of the battle when his staff breaks and he gets super aggressive.

The part that really screwed me up was the button prompts and realizing not to mash the response button but to gently finesse the tap once.

After you beat him once it will click into place how to do it again. At least thats how it was for me. Watching a youtube video might help you out in figuring out exactly how to do it.

User Info: gamefix121

4 years ago#10
i just fought him too it took bout 4 tries and the thing is i dont know how i did it yeah the bat claw works great for this boss but he crumpled to the ground with half his energy left and i was like huh? i didnt even get to the part where i broke his stick in half. anyone defeat him early like that yet?
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