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User Info: Herugrim

4 years ago#1
Any other batfans cranking out marathons to pass time 'till this game comes out?

My current Bat-a-thon consists of animated features, graphic novels, and games. It goes something like this;

Year One (feature)
*Spot saved for Arkham Origins
*Spot saved for Blackgate
Select Episodes from the Animated series available with Gotham Knight
Mask of the Phatasm
Batman/Superman World's Finest (I have the entire Superman seires on DVD), Public Enemies, and Apocalypse.
Justice League Doom
Under the Red Hood (feature)
Arkham Comics
Arkham Asylum
More Arkham Comics
Arkham City

Usually I'll cap it off with either Return of the Joker or The Dark Knight Returns. How about you guys?
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User Info: Herrix

4 years ago#2
I have all four seasons of Batman TAS, all five of the Batman, the three Batman Beyond seasons, three seasons of Brave and the Bold on both Netflix and DVD, Gotham Knight, Mask of the Phantasm, Sub Zero, Dark Knight Returns (1 and 2), Gotham Knight, Mystery of the Batwoman, Return of the Joker, Under the Red Hood, Year One, Batman '89, the Nolan Trilogy and some Batman serial from the '40's.

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User Info: Catalyst_black

4 years ago#3
Gonna marathon the Adam West Batman series all the way. That should keep me occupied.
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User Info: IvoryKeys88

4 years ago#4
I wish TAS was on Netflix, as well as more animated movies. I've seen every DC animated movie at least once, but they take up too much space to keep on my computer if I'm not gonna watch them for awhile.
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User Info: Herrix

4 years ago#5
Catalyst_black posted...
Gonna marathon the Adam West Batman series all the way. That should keep me occupied.

Niiice. How are you able to watch that? They have the movie on Netflix but I haven't been able to find the series.

User Info: Catalyst_black

4 years ago#6
The series is unavailable because of some weirdness involving all the guess actors that would show up on set and how'd they'd get paid. There's a guy on youtube who uploads it and their are other less dubious methods of grabbing it. If the the series was ever released on dvd I'd be one of the first to pick it up. Their was a rumor earlier this year for it, but it turned out to just be a new comic book based on it. Still it's something.
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User Info: Herrix

4 years ago#7
Interesting. Thanks, I'll check that out. You never know what you'll be able to find on Netflix and YouTube. Netflix has one and a half seasons of Brave and the Bold, I assume because they keep releasing it by volumes rather than seasons on DVD. I watched what was on Netflix thinking Season Two was only 12 or 13 episodes long, then I bought Season Three (which actually is only 12), so I'm missing the second half of Season Two. Kinda sucks because the last one on Netflix is part one of a two-parter involving Starro.

User Info: Catalyst_black

4 years ago#8
It is strange that Brave and the Bold is only one and a half seasons. I thought it was because of the fact that CN might've uploaded it as part of their recent wave of animated shows, and they did the same thing for all of those, only uploading like one season.
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User Info: batman404

4 years ago#9
I recently re-read the entire Gotham Central series while listening to all three Batman soundtracks by Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard and then watched the P.O.V. episode of Batman TAS. I guess that can be considered a "Bat-a-thon".
"Gotham City. Always brings a smile to my face."

User Info: SteelCurtain17

4 years ago#10
I still don't see the appeal of Adam West Batman or Brave and the Bold lol
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