Worst Nightmare All 15 Ranks during one (first!) playthrough GUIDE, tips.

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User Info: Apodisation

4 years ago#1
Hello everyone!
My English is not perfect, sorry))

I just found the way to complete this terrible Worst Nightmare ranks during ONE (first!, mean new game, NOT new game+) playthrough. This game sucks because of that stupid challenge. We all know that there are NO predator rooms after you complete the game, and you CANNOT do those stupid tasks during Challenge Mode.
I just did all 15 ranks during first play-through (my second walkthrough of Batman AO, I just started a NEW save file from the very beginning).

In order to do this in ONE playthrough, you must follow the order.


Rank 1. Complete takedown from gargoyle, takedown through ventilation (don't mistaken it for a takedown through crate in the floor), takedown through the breakable with punch wall.
It's fairly easy, and I don't know can you screw it or not ))
It the beginning where Batman arrive at first Enigma Tower (you can't miss it), there are 4 idiots, and they are all standing where WE need.
First idiot must be taken from gargoyle, second through nearby ventilation and then the third one is just standing behind the breakable wall.
After you take those 3 idiots, the message will pop up. And, you still have one idiot left before stupid autosave, so in case you have not got the message, restart.

Rank 2. Do three silent takedowns from behind in ONE battle.
Very easy, but you MUST continue this BEFORE entering The Final Offer.
Just go to the GCPD roof (in South Gotham) and find 3 idiots there. Take them all down with silent takedown. I did it there.
Otherwise, you can go to the entrance of Sionis's Steel Mill. There are 3 of 4 idiots there too, I didnt check it, but I think it will work.

Rank 3. COMPLETE the room so that no one can see you.
This thing is NOT working in the gcpd roof, steel mill entrance and even just outside Final Offer, where there are 8 or 9 guys.
So, Rank 3 MUST be completed in the Theater inside Penguin's Final Offer.
Just avoid doing anything loud and simply use silent takedowns on EVERY enemy. The message will pop up AFTER you complete the room, so will autosave, so that means that you have to be cafeful, because you can't reload.

Interesting thought: can Rank 2 and Rank 3 be completed BOTH in the theater inside Final Offer? Maybe. But I did it as I explained.

So now you have very very much needed sonic batarang. Damn, my favorite sonic shock batarang is locked by the rank10 worst nightmare... This is the only reason that I decided to do this crap...

Rank 4. 3 times use your new sonic batarang to lure the enemy and then take them down.
When you exit final offer, the entrance of steel mill is near, and there are 3 of 4 enemies there. Simply use sonic batarang, wait for an enemy to come and use silent takedown. CHECK in the menu if you have completed 1 out of 3, or not, restart if not. Wait a little for sonic batarang to recharge and do it second and then third time. Check each time in menu, if it worked or not. In the other areas enemies don't go checking sonic batarang, so I think this is the only place.
After you do this, I recommend avoid using detective mode for a while and head to GCPD roof for your rank 5.

Rank 5. COMPLETE the room NOT using detective mode.
We don't need a room, we just need gcpd roof. Since we just already finished entrance of steel mill, gcpd roof is one available place by now.
There are 3 of 4 enemies there, dispose of them not using detective mode. I recommend after completing rank 4, not using detective mode until you get to the gcpd roof and get rank 5.

There is a gcpd predator room (Room 1 of challenge mode). You can still try to do rank 5 here, but its more easily can be done in the roof of gcpd.
As far as I remember this room don't have walls that can be destroyed by gel. So...
Room 1 has also propane tank...

User Info: Apodisation

4 years ago#2
Rank 6.
This is really awful.
BANK first time.
I think this room is THE ONLY!!!!!! place in the entire game where you can complete it. Come to think of it, this is really stupid.
So, we need 4 takedowns:
1) easiest - corner takedown. Will not explain that.
2) knock out enemy with wall by explosive gel. There are 2 walls. Use one of them (and SAVE the other!!!!!!!). You must need to knock the enemy down completely. Seems that blowing up window is not working
3) through the ventilation. (Not mistake it for a floor takedown out of the crate on the floor).
There are at least 2 places. Lure enemy with sonic batarang. SAVE the second ventilation for later, we might need it!)
4) the sickest - hanging ledge takedown.
Well, we don't really need to HANG, we just need to stand above the enemy when he is below. There are 4 metallic floors on the upper part of the room. Stand there and wait for the enemy to come below you. The sign "silent takedown" will appear. If you already did 3 takedowns, then there are not many enemies left and it's easy to lure them where you need.
DONT FORGET: the last guy will surrender!!!
DONT destroy anything else in this room, we might need it.
When you kill 4 enemies, the message will appear. This is important: you don't need to wait for clearing the room. The message will appear after you did all 4 takedowns, so in case that you you have not got the message, restart BEFORE you leave the last guy in this room.
When you know what to do, it's very easy, because you can always restart this room.
But you only have one chance here and now.

For a hanging ledge takedown you DONT need to hang.
Remember Arkham City's Top Of The World map, when enemy take a hostage, you do this takedown from above.

Rank 7.
Rank 7 tells us to COMPLETE the room NOT using any takedowns.
This thing is not working it the gcpd roof, and in the entrance of Steel Mill.
But inside Steel Mill there is a room where you find poor stupid black mask.
This task must be completed here.
It's not hard, it requires patience.
I don't know what counts for a takedown, what does not, so i did only stun, and then punch punch punch punch punch.
Use ONLY this.
Maybe later we will find out what we can use here (for example sonic batarang, or simple batarang to knock other enemies down while we are working with someone).
So simply not use anything here.
Don't hit fire extinguishers, walls, anything. Isolate enemy who is alone and quickly dispose of him (this will of course create very mush noise, so everyone will run to you. Hide and wait for another chance).
As you know already, the message will appear after you complete the room and autosave too.

Rank 8. COMPLETE the room NOT using detective mode and NOT being seen.
This thing is not working in the gcpd roof or near the entrance of steel mill.
And still we can't do Black Mask side quest, because we don't have yet shock gloves (needed for one black mask drug container).
So simply follow the main story, and you will come to a hotel lobby.
There are 3 enemies on the upper part and maybe 5 on the lower, including the one with jamming pack.
Be careful, restart if anything goes wrong and silently dispose of every enemy.
There are 2 important things here.
1) after I killed first three enemies on the upper part, the game was saved.
2) i managed silently kill all enemies except the final two near staircase, who are standing near each other. So, after the room contains only me and two of them, i used sonic batarang and lure one of them, then killed the second.
But I think that you CAN make noise here, only you CANNOT make enemies see you.
This room is not hard.
Only remember that crap with autosave.
Dont use detective and make no one see you. The message will appear after you complete the room.

User Info: Apodisation

4 years ago#3
Rank 9 and Rank 10.
The 4th Challenge Room (the second big Predator story room in the hotel).
You must do rank 9 and then rank 10 here.
You CAN use detective mode here.

Rank 10 requires you not being seen in the room with HARD difficulty of the enemies. This room is ok.
But Rank 9 requires you to do 4 loud takedowns:
1) Floor takedown with a crate on the floor.
2) Takedown from a gargoyle
3) Quick loud takedown from behind
4) When you are hanging,pull enemy who is above you. (Batman do it with batclaw).

So first isolate enemy with jamming pack and kill him from behind.
From there, it's up to you.
Just you need to do 4 takedowns and remember that you can't be seen.
So wait carefully for another needed loud takedown and hide somethere immediately after that.
After you take 4 takedowns, you'll get the message of Rank 9. And if you are not seen, then after completing the room, you will also get rank 10 AND SONIC SHOCK BATARANG finally goddamn game.

So other 5 left ranks is not important, but if you wanna do this, then read next.

Rank 11.
Use sonic batarang to lure enemy, then kill him with sonic shock.
Again, outside steel mill, lure enemy and dispose of him. Easy :))))
Just remember that gcpd will not work because it seems that police officers dont give a damn about very loud sonic batarang and don't come investigate.
I didn't try just to hit with sonic shock, I tried first to lure them.

Rank 12. COMPLETE the room with doing at least five (5!!) different takedowns on the HARD enemies difficulty room.
Here comes some interesting thing...
By now we have shock gloves and now we can find black mask in the church. Go there.
There are 6 enemies there.
That's how I did it:
1) ventilation takedown enemy on the left
2) takedown from gargoyle
3) takedown through the crate on the floor
4) takedown through breakable wall with punch
5) takedown out of corner
and then 6) takedown with clay grenade
After I finished the room, the message appeared! Though, the statistics told me, that this room was MIDDLE, not hard, but whatever. This buggy game bugs herself.
Also, in the menu, where progress is shown (0 out 5), i saw 0 out 5 after every takedown, as if it's not working, but in the end I still got the rank completed.
Important: once you complete this "side quest", you will get smoke grenade with more time of smoke! We will need it.

Another way I think is Deadshot's side mission. He's in the bank, I think that this room is hard difficulty, and if you remember that I told not to touch anything in the room, then you still have at least one ventilation, wall, crate, gargoyle and corner. So you may try to do it here.
But i think that this room is hard to complete, they killed me several times even without trying to do different takedowns. So, church works better.

Rank 13. Use smoke grenade and knock out three enemies with one smoke.
After you complete black mask sidequest, it's easy, before you complete - i think this is impossible.
Go to the... haha, yes, entrance of steel mill. Those poor enemies are very stubborn and they are there again. Start to mess with the sniper (loud quick silent kill), and then wait (above) for all enemies to come here. Easily use 3 quick loud silent kill in one smoke. I did it with second try, because only two enemies came, and others were bugged and didn't come.

User Info: Spider5800

4 years ago#4
Thank you for this. Ive been trying to map out an order for the remaining predator rooms in my game so I can complete this before doing NG+, and this will save me a lot of time.
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User Info: Weltall548

4 years ago#5
Batman: Arkham City is the best game of all time.

User Info: SSTrunks1138

4 years ago#6
Ugh. So should I just make a whole new save? I've already beaten the game and I'm not too high on ranks. Can I do the same things on NG+?
PSN: SSTrunks1138

User Info: Sol4688

4 years ago#7
Profound. Before this, I'd say it couldn't be done... well done, TC!
PSN: CrimeRoyal
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4 years ago#8
14 & 15?

User Info: IvoryKeys88

4 years ago#9
SSTrunks1138 posted...
Ugh. So should I just make a whole new save? I've already beaten the game and I'm not too high on ranks. Can I do the same things on NG+?

Yea. I'm already done with everything and just have 20% left on Enigma. I think I'll finish the Dark Knight System in NG+. The first two sections are done, I just have Worst Nightmare 6-15 to work on.
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User Info: Catalyst_black

4 years ago#10
Damn it. Looks like it's New Game + for me then. I'm past the bank and still haven't done the challenge that was needed for.
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