I can't get 2 data packs because of glitches

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  3. I can't get 2 data packs because of glitches

User Info: jay-zero

3 years ago#1
I am so sick of all the glitches in this game. I can't get all the data packs because of them.

I am only missing 2 data packs.

One is in the bridge, the one you can only access after the bridge is blown up (12-5)

I never got it, but the game is treating it like I did, the wall you need to destroy with explosive gell is not there and neither is the data pack.

I can't even interrogate the guy for extortion file 12, the prompt doesn't come up. He just begs everytime i beat him up and nothing happens.

The second one I'm missing is in the one in the church where you are supposed to end black masks most wanted.

But the game won't let me go into the church, I destroyed the drugs but the map tells me to destroy the one on the bridge... but the most wanted file tells me I already destroyed all of them and to go to the church.

I decided to start new game plus, but I don't know if I can get the data pack on the bridge anymore because of this BS.

Has anyone else had these glitches, and is there a way to fix them?

User Info: RedHawk4

3 years ago#2
I guess I was slightly luckier. I also have 2 datapacks showing on my map that I am unable to collect. One is behind a destructable wall that I already blew up but there's just no pack there, and the other is one that I already collected but the game is acting as if I didn't. I guess I have to hope that the problem is fixed in NG+.
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  3. I can't get 2 data packs because of glitches

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