New game plus?

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User Info: Jonsnow1

3 years ago#1
I'm right at the end of the game but I don't want to finish it because I'm not sure if you can go back? I don't want to start a new game plus, I want to just finish all the side stuff and collectibles after the end. Is it like say assassins creed where after the end you can go back....although AC doesn't have a new game plus anyway........

Or is it like say the last of us where at the end it just forces you over to the start all over if you want to continue.


User Info: js16nite

3 years ago#2
After you beat the game, you are returned back to the city so you can finish whatever side-quests are left. A few side-quests aren't even available until after you beat the game.

New Game Plus mode becomes available to start after beating the game but it is not automatic. It is treated as a separate choice from the regular game, as is I Am The Knight mode. So you should be able to go back to the regular game mode if you decide to start New Game Plus.

User Info: Jonsnow1

3 years ago#3
Big help thanks.

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