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User Info: CarlosLeao

3 years ago#1
Can someone explain me how can I beat Deathstroke in the battle?...
I just can beat him until I break his mask, however after that it´s impossible to defend his attacks (not the fire barrels but the kicks with his long baston).
Even with the batclaw is almost impossible to attack him!
Any tricks or ideas would be nice!
Thanks you!

Carlos Carmo

User Info: jbtilley

3 years ago#2
That battle took me a while. The best advice I saw on this site was "be patient" or "slow down" which really didn't help.

Here's what helped me get through it:
1) Never initiate a fight with fists. Either always wait for him to start so you can lead with a counter or start off with the quick grapple (shooting your hook out at him). Every time I started an attack by attempting to punch him I'd get wailed on.
2) At certain points it looks like Deathstroke is absolutely going off on you. The temptation here is to press the counter button, but that will guarantee that Deathstroke will beat the crap out of you. The best advice is to wait during these scenes [ be patient, slow down ;) ] because it's just a pre-scripted portion of the fight. At some point you'll be prompted to counter. Counter then and only then.

I believe in the first stage of the fight you'll need to counter once before you can go on offense. In the second stage of the fight you'll need to counter twice before you can go on offense. In the third stage the pre-scripted portion plays out to require three counters. Again, just wait for the moment to press the counter button during these sections. Sometimes the pre-scripted action lasts a bit... pressing counter during any of that will guarantee that you'll get beat down.

You chip away at his health, so the fight takes what feels like forever. Again, I was always afraid to go on the offensive, even after a counter because it seemed like that would start off an animation where I was guaranteed to get beat on. The safest route for offense is the quick grapple.

User Info: Bikes-

3 years ago#3
The 2nd point above is definitely the most important, the problem with this fight is you need to abandon all your previously learned blocking strategies and only block during the animations (and when he comes at you with the staff outside of the pre-canned animations) when it slows down slightly, doing it early prevents you from doing it at the right time. Once you get used to all the different timings you can wail on him.
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User Info: Davel23

3 years ago#4
What a terribly-designed fight. "Hey guys, remember that countering technique you've spent two whole games mastering? Well now it doesn't work."
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User Info: giocare

3 years ago#5
Davel23 posted...
What a terribly-designed fight. "Hey guys, remember that countering technique you've spent two whole games mastering? Well now it doesn't work."

What are you talking about? Counters still work in the fight. In the comics Deathstroke is a better fighter than Batman, so I think they were trying to make players plan out their moves instead of spamming attacks.

User Info: OldDirtyCR

3 years ago#6
I loved this fight. Actual challenge. The whole point was you had to wait for a real opening, not just spam counter. Deathstroke is supposed to be the pinnacle of fighters, so to just be able to spam counter counter counter counter and not even time anything would be an injustice.
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User Info: george43

3 years ago#7
It's a great fight actually.

It's pretty easy once you understand all Deathstroke's moves. Especially when he pulls out his sword.

User Info: Syphadeus

3 years ago#8
I've read about a few peeps having issue with this guy, aside from the console camera glitch. I actually found him pretty easy and did it on my first go on normal difficulty.

It is a drawn out encounter but as others have stated, a really good fight. It feels right and I really got a sense that this guy was the biz and more than a match for Bats when it comes to sheer skill and fighting prowess. All enemies in the series tendnto rely on overwhelming numbers or innate powers or buffs to present a challenge instead of just being straight up powerful and cool.

He also has a cool staff and sword which automatically makes him full of win.
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User Info: DrNewcenstein

3 years ago#9
It is a frustrating fight, especially for early in the game before you've really been able to upgrade combat techniques (assuming you didn't ignore the story completely to go beat down petty thugs for minor XP gains to beef up your skillset).

Ignore his taunts about "I gave you an opening, did you see it?", because it's just talk - there was no opening.

He will be open for a Batclaw to the chest 3 times in a row, but you need to be close enough to rush him while he staggers forward and you can nail him to the floor, but he will dodge every shot after, until he does his first "have a flaming propane tank" move. Counter the tank, then dive towards him and fire the Claw to pull him in, then nail him to the floor again.
Do it 3 more and it should lead into the scene of knocking his mask off.

Once you break his staff, it's the same routine with his sword.

I know DS was always physically superior to Bats in the comics, but in all honesty for a video game I thought this fight was excessive, and I'm playing on Easy. I can only imagine how much it sucks on higher levels.
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User Info: CarlosLeao

3 years ago#10
thanks for all of you guys!
I´m doing better, and now i can reach the last stage of this fight, however i see that the TIMING to attack Deathstroke, and the TIMING to defend the fire barrels, is not the same of the first part of the fight. I need to be faster or slower??
Thanks a lot, again!

Carlos Leão
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