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User Info: mlahodik

4 years ago#1
Is it playable? This would be my first SC game. I'm usually the right and adventure type.
I bought it with the target buy 2 get 1 free deal.
I'm just a little concerned due to several topics talking about it being insanely difficult. While I enjoy games that require strategy, things that are just insane are just not fun to me.
Should I keep the game? Or wait for something else to come out and exchange it?
I have all the good games I like that are out for the wiiu, except Scribblenauts DC, but I'd like to wait for a price drop for that one.

I had not played a survival horror game until I played zombiu and I totally loved that game, it actually made me become interested in that genre.
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User Info: Joebot800

4 years ago#2
Blacklist is not a survival horror game btw. It's a 3rd Person Action Stealth game.

User Info: Infiniterran

4 years ago#3
Watch some videos of it on youtube and decide
I want one of these

User Info: boxster233

4 years ago#4
I just beat game on perfectionist and it's not that hard. It's fun and it's a great game.

User Info: Sozcumber

4 years ago#5
you can select from like 5 difficulty levels from the start. its not that hard on normal plus it gets easier when you unlock further gadgets. Btw this game is awesome。
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