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User Info: xjflyy

4 years ago#1
This version of the game is slightly better than the ps3/xbox version. Can anyone attest to that? Not sure which version to buy. Have all three consoles. I'd like to get this for wii u to pump up my library though. Just don't know if it's worth it. Does the gamepad add anything worthwhile to the experience? Or going traditional controller on ps3/xbox the best bet? If you guys didn't know, gamestop is selling blacklist for $39.99 on all three consoles. And PC I think. So, go pick it up now.

User Info: Evilmonster

4 years ago#2
pick it up for whichever console you're more comfortable with.

I'll tell you this though... Wii U has the least amount of players by far. differences in game are neglible, online isnt.
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User Info: Daveddy72

4 years ago#3
I know the ps3/360 versions have image tearing and whe wii u version dont as it is vsync locked.
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User Info: xjflyy

4 years ago#4
Thanks guys. Got it for wii u. Plays fine with the gamepad. Off tv-play is great although it obviously doesn`t look as great as it would on an HDTV. I don`t really play online when it comes to splinter cell. I`ll give it a try though. but hey maybe there`ll be an increase in people online later on. who knows.

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