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User Info: AvatarOfBagan

4 years ago#1
Acting as the primary way to restore health and blade energy, as well as one of the main reasons to use blade mode, how do you think our canid shaped friend will perform said ripping?

If it was his upgrade post-Raiden encounter, I'd think he'd pull it out with his tetth.

My guess would be that he uses the cables on his tail and yanks it out. Those cords are strong enough to both power AND swing that chainsaw rather effortlessly, would make sense that it'd be able to crush a power cell.

Anyone else?
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User Info: Makotoren

4 years ago#2
I like the idea of the teeth coming into play. I enjoyed how when Sam did it with more than one opponent he had several on his sword. I'm sure they will bring something interesting to it. We will soon find out (insert excitement)

User Info: Makotoren

4 years ago#3
looks like its the tail grip via his three prehensile digits.

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