Did you die at all?

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User Info: Pendragon71037

3 years ago#11
I died on the plant boss a few times, and some other places I can't remember. Overall I think I died nine times. Apparently I suck at 2D Zeldas.
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User Info: Yoshistar95

3 years ago#12
Never died on both modes, Normal was no fairies and stuff, but on Hero I used dozens of fairies xD

My worst failure was bumping into an enemy and I 'died' :P

User Info: Oshimaiden

3 years ago#13
Normal: Never. I kept the same 5 fairies from the very beginning and never used them.

Hero: ... I lost count. The game says only 8 because I didn't have fairies, but I know I died at least 25+ times. Even the simplest enemy while wearing your normal tunic did like 4 hearts damage. Once I got the blue and red tunic, I was fine. Lol.
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User Info: CakeOfLies

3 years ago#14
Normal: A couple times against that stupid Hyper Beam cactus at the end of the Desert Palace. However, it was my second Lorule dungeon, so I only had a few hearts and no Blue Mail or Tempered Sword.

Hero: So many that it's rather embarrassing.
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User Info: Splatulated

3 years ago#15
i died to a soldier cuz i lacked a shield and poked me while i was trying kill it for a heart
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User Info: CyberDragon10K

3 years ago#16
I died once against Yuganon on Normal during my first playthrough. Hero Mode I've been dying a fair bit because I get too complacent/forget about the QUAD-DAMAGE. :T

User Info: MirMiros

3 years ago#17
First time I fought those fire lion things on death mountain I died.

User Info: HugDaddy

3 years ago#18
Lonta_Beans posted...
Normal - No. Too easy
Hero - Twice, but I did a 3 heart run.

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User Info: Dr4G0nZ

3 years ago#19
I died once on Normal, I don't really remember how. All I remember was that it was something stupid, like I kept trying to run somewhere, but I kept falling off a cliff.

Haven't died a single time on Hero.
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User Info: Xenesis Xenon

Xenesis Xenon
3 years ago#20
I died twice on Normal.

Blind got me the first time because I went into his dungeon first, without any supplies or anything and I was a bit slow at learning his pattern.

The second time was when I clumsily got stuck in a group of guards. It was rather awkward.
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