Did you die at all?

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User Info: Wereshovel

3 years ago#21
games easy, never died, same map as TLOZ:ALTTP
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User Info: Rocky2418

3 years ago#22
No deaths (that is, game overs) in either normal or hero; and yet, I make no claim that the game was 'too easy'. Guess mine isn't the typical mindset - by which I mean the 'this game didn't kill me over and over so it's too easy' one. :-)

Anyway, I'm a very cautious type of player. I always try very hard for no game overs, even on a first time playing through a game. (For that reason, Spirit Tracks can suck it. So many OHKO opportunities; I got my first game over in the first phase - on the train, of course - of the final battle. Wasn't that swell...) So I always carry as much help as I can - potions, fairies, etc. Hence, normal mode didn't give me a whole lot of trouble. Hero mode, on the other hand, was extremely tenuous and stressful. Especially the beginning parts of the game, when I only had 3 hearts, no bottles, and every single enemy did 2 hearts damage - nearly daredevil mode. I think a fairy had to revive me once; the rest of the time, I used plenty of potions to keep me going. Had numerous close calls - again, mostly early in the game. But yeah, if hero mode couldn't satiate the appetite of extreme-difficulty-seekers, then...it's safe to say the Zelda series won't ever successfully do so. 'Cause it was more than difficult enough, IMO.
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User Info: mrjack3112

3 years ago#23
Anyone just hate fighting the soldier at the bottom of the hill in front of Links house? Everytime i goto attack him my sword goes right over his head and he gets all the hits on me.

User Info: Rocky2418

3 years ago#24
Yup, I know exactly what you mean. You win again, elevation disparity...
"Why is it so hard? ... Why can't you just take me? ... I don't have much to go... before... I fade completely..." - Kelly Clarkson

User Info: hatemakingnames

3 years ago#25
Just the first time I encountered those fire breathing things I didn't have many hearts and they 1 shot me...
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User Info: Ansem_the_evil

3 years ago#26
No it was to easy to stay alive in this game
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User Info: Splatulated

3 years ago#27
apparently I only died twice

but im sure was a lot more why didnt the game count faerie deaths too and not just game overs D: ?
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User Info: Sentinel07

3 years ago#28
Nope. I followed a guide from start to finish.

I didn't want to bother with having to grind for more rupees to buy more items.

User Info: MogKnightAzure

3 years ago#29
Only played normal so far. No deaths unless you count the max'd out shadow link I fought back before I even got the bow. I think that really added to my experience, I got to see how strong I could become, and it became a goal to work for, the shadow link shot beams at me and then ultimately just did a great spin to destroy me.
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User Info: BlueMage82

3 years ago#30
Died a few times on normal but since I suck at this type of games I decided not to attempt hero, heh.

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