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User Info: btaylorstl

4 years ago#1
So I picked this up in the Steam sale and am probably going to start playing tonight. I see that it has native 360 controller support, but looking at some shots and videos it's hard to tell if I should use my 360 controller or hook my PS3 controller back up using MotionInJoy. It looks like it could be better played with a D-pad, but sometimes the games are designed to work well with sticks even if it looks that way, and I was wondering how people are playing this.

If you use a 360 controller, do you still use the D-pad or do you use the sticks instead? Does it play pretty well either way?
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User Info: AsterAzul

4 years ago#2
I use one of these:

Very convenient, you just plug in the USB and it magically works.

The stick is more pleasant to use for the most part, but I've switched to using the D-pad so that I can execute the pogo attacks and drop through ledges more effectively. Sometimes the stick is a little too sensitive but you can change the sensitivity in the game menu.

Not sure about native 360 controllers (I lost my cord I think?) or PS3 controllers.

The Rock Candy controller is really convenient actually, it works well with the Ouya too. The other controllers causes fiddliness but the Rock Candy one is very plug and play.
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User Info: Delta123456789

4 years ago#3
I use an X360 controller with the analogue stick and it works fine for me.
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User Info: Treason686

4 years ago#4
I can't do 2D platformers with an analog stick. I'm using the PS3 controller.
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User Info: Bullshifty12

4 years ago#5
I use a wired 360 controller and it works great. I prefer the analog stick, but using the D-pad should suffice if you prefer to.

User Info: btaylorstl

4 years ago#6
Thanks for the suggestions; after a few minutes I decided a D-pad would be clearly better for this game so I switched over to using my PS3 controller. I discovered the hard way that you really need to disconnect the real 360 controller before plugging in the PS3 one, otherwise MotionInJoy apparently causes huge conflicts. The controller wasn't working at all, and when I loaded up Saints Row 3 to see if it was just Rogue Legacy, not only wasn't the controller working but the game was running at like 6 fps the whole time. Just a real mess.

Basically what I did was I tried to just plug in and activate the PS3 controller on MIJ's 360 emulation mode while leaving my wired 360 controller in, to see if I could use both or either at any point. That didn't work, so then I unplugged the 360 controller and it still didn't work even after reactivating the 360 emulation. Only after I unplugged the PS3 controller and replugged it back in did it all start working as normal.

So just a word to the wise in case anyone was wondering; apparently you can't use a real 360 controller and a PS3 controller emulated as a 360 controller at the same time, so don't even try. Unplug both controllers before trying to use a PS3 controller on its own.
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User Info: GtWthTheProgram

4 years ago#7
The game has digital control. Easily one of the worst things about it (and an inexcusable and idiotic decision on the part of Cellar Door).

Do yourself a favor and use a D-Pad.

User Info: BoswerLK

4 years ago#8
it's 8 way movement. just use the dpad

I played it with my old ps1 controller with 360ce
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User Info: Alenonimo

4 years ago#9
I use the original Xbox 360 controller.

I activated the automatic down attack so when I press down the character jumps down or attacks down automatically. I suck a little less with the pogo balls with it but I still suck a lot because the controls are crap. The activation window for the down attack is very short.

Seriously, I think they should remove those from the game or significantly change the way the down attack works.

User Info: GtWthTheProgram

4 years ago#10
The real issue with the game is that since it has digital control, if you are used to split second timing on your inputs (a la modern mega man games, Ninja Gaiden, fighting games, etc.), you will be pressing buttons within milliseconds of one another, and Rogue Legacy will straight up ignore those inputs. If you've ever tried to attack downwards and found to your chagrin that you just did a normal slash and failed to activate the switch (resulting in a nice fall into some spikes) even though you swear to god you pressed everything right, it's because even though your input sequence was perfect, you were too quick. This is another one of the reasons why keyboard input seems so ineffectual. You can't hit buttons with that kind of alacrity when you're holding a controller.

So in short, Rogue Legacy actually rewards input ineptitude, and it's an extremely hard adjustment to make if you've ever traded six consecutive guard impacts in Soul Calibur II or completed Ikaruga. I don't see any reasonable defense of it, and Cellar Door really aught to get their !@#! together if they develop a game that demands this much precision in future.
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