I'm not very good at this

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User Info: ChimpawnZee

4 years ago#1
My most successful game was Krazy Kart (Obviously Mario Kart with a bad name) Only got me 2.2mil profit, allowed me to move out of the garage. But I've had trouble to develop something good ever since.

I don't want to read guides as I don't want to completely spoil the game, but I don't mind a couple of tips if anyone has any.

Despite my bad luck, I am finding it oddly addicting and fun
Living life in HD

User Info: Viewland

4 years ago#2
Just don't too early, i'm still in 2nd level, with net worth +100 M, just for sure, you're financially ready, my best with perfect 10 games, gaining +70M,

User Info: Asuir

4 years ago#3
You have to train your people as well as figure out the right game combinations/ sliders.

Everyone is guaranteed one "hit" game, but you have to be on top of your **** for more to follow.

User Info: Tanardin

4 years ago#4
I HAVE been using guides for this game and im still getting 4-6 score constantly. Maybe once every 5 games ill get a 7-9. I dont like the way this game handles reviews very much.
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