No Quickscoping? Thats a bad move...

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User Info: Megabest39

4 years ago#1
I think I can speak for the people who actually can Quickscope instead of the people on this board who are jealous that they can't do it when I say that removing Quickscoping Entirely is a bad move. Do I think Quickscoping may get a little too unfair, yes. But most people don't do quickscope to get many kills, they would just use an overpowered SMG or Shotgun. No people quickscope to have fun and mess around.

Like me I usually go either Negative or Neutral (at best maybe like 1.50) when I quickscope, its made to have fun. I see everyone saying "Oh it doesn't take skill" or "Wow so unfair"...but honestly when your opponent has an Overpowered SMG that is literally just spraying bullets and you have to use a Sniper Riffle where your not assured a 1 hit kill and you have to time it exactly correct, Quickscoping isn't exactly easy to do.

That said, removing Quickscoping out of the game entirely is just beyond stupid. I believe they could have made minor tweaks to make it fair for both Quickscopers and Non-Quickscopers, but to remove it all together will break much of the community up. QS has been in the series since the very early installments of the franchise and removing that out will make a big hole. Snipers will not be used as much not only because of the new Marksman gun class, but Quickscoping is not implemented.

In BO2, You can actually take a break from shooting with 2 hit kill SMGs and Sniper Distance Shotguns and use one of the most underpowered guns in the game to have fun, this ladies and gentlemen, is what I like to call, Quickscoping. But unfortunately, many people are against having fun thus Ghost was created.

Ok that was a little too far but I thought it was funny lol.

Thoughts? Rage? Concerns?
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User Info: UltimaXOmega

4 years ago#2
How about you learn how to use a Sniper Rifle correctly,wait until you're older than 13 and then try a future COD?
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User Info: EZ007

4 years ago#3
Well IDK if removing quickscoping is good ire bad but for those that relied on quickscoping will have to rely on other tactics.
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User Info: Alexanaxela

4 years ago#4
you lost me when you started talking about sniper distance shotguns

anyway we should all know by now not to take anything they say in an interview srsly. "**** you last stand" anyone?
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User Info: Megabest39

4 years ago#5
UltimaXOmega posted...
How about you learn how to use a Sniper Rifle correctly,wait until you're older than 13 and then try a future COD?

Yeah your right I'm 13 because I like Quick scoping. Damn how did you know.

Why do everyone use that comeback? Even if I was 13, so what, I believe its better to be younger age and playing this game than some 40 year old who has nothing going for him.

That's besides the point, ok let me say it like this: How many of you guys actually went against some one who did better than you by Quickscoping when you were trying your hardest? Unless your complete crap at the game the number would be close to none. What im saying is its more of a gimmick to have fun, not to obliterate the other team or get a nuclear.

Like when I explained how hard it is to Quickscope I'm hoping that you at least had a conscious thought that its more hard to do than actually taking advantage or your mind is too closed off hearing another ones opinion automatically pushes it out. Lol
"Failing to realize, is realizing failure"

User Info: Pat94

4 years ago#6
The problem is it became a huge problem in mw2 with absolutely no skill and slight of hand pro. You had the intervention guys in every map. Why is it so hard to actually use the scope? The funny thing is when I do use the scope and I get an amazing killcam I have the quickscoping crowd yell at me WOW HARDSCOPER!. What the hell is a hardscope? What that im using it correctly and calling me a noob. They didn't put the sniper rifles in there for you not to use the scope.

User Info: Lord_Ka1n

4 years ago#7
use the weapon properly. use the right tool for the job, quickscoping is like trying to hammer in a nail with a screwdriver or something.

User Info: Zblueshell14

4 years ago#8
UltimaXOmega posted...
How about you learn how to use a Sniper Rifle correctly,wait until you're older than 13 and then try a future COD?

That's funny. How is one supposed to use a sniper rifle correctly when its range can be matched with all most any other gun. No one can use a sniper correctly when the maps aren't large enough to successfully snipe.
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User Info: colum24

4 years ago#9
Megabest39 posted...
Rage? Concerns?

Just lol
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User Info: FinalWolf

4 years ago#10
Stay on ops 2 then? You don't even have to aim or put any effort in it.
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