Trouble with the Walkthrough *spoilers*

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User Info: reg23

4 years ago#1
When playing the Fawn section of the game, you successfully marry her and she goes to the suite.
After that she wants music, but after a commercial on the radio decides she wants wine.

The walkthrough gave me a phone number to call to get wine delivery but neglected to mention where I'm supposed to get the number.

Where am I supposed to find the number? Is it the commercial? Fawn will not allow me to listen to it a second time!

User Info: Keith_I

4 years ago#2
You're supposed to listen to the entire commercial to hear the phone number mentioned. Then Fawn tells you to go get wine delivered. Go to the phone, outside the Come N Go market, and order wine. Then back to the suite and pour wine from the bottle that's there in a bucket.
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User Info: TheGuidingLight

4 years ago#3

This also gives you some additional phone numbers to call
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  3. Trouble with the Walkthrough *spoilers*

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