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User Info: Zachalmighty

4 years ago#1
You guys probably know me as, "that dude who is really bitter about Super Robot Wars". I've decided to do something about it and it requires that you, the fans, and I, create a petition to show Namco Bandai that there is a demand in the North American and European markets for their series. Below you will find a link to the petition.

Please take a moment to put your name on this petition to Namco Bandai to support the localization of the Super Robot Wars Series! Reblog the post so your followers can sign and/or chime in on the series as well.

I’ve seen what tumblr can do and I’m very optimistic that we, the fans can convince Namco Bandai to translate these games for a Western audience.

For a quick overview, Super Robot Wars is a turn based strategy game that takes popular or original mecha from series and places them together with an original story. You can customize your robots equipment, attacks, and your pilots skills. They then take part in scenario battles that further the storyline.

If you have any suggestions on how to increase visibility for the petition, please message me and let me know. Currently the petition is on Twitter and Tumblr ( Feel free to copy and paste this entire post and place it on your social networking site of choice. Any bit helps!

User Info: Guruda

4 years ago#2
Let me check the temperature in Hell first...

User Info: OmegaShinkai

4 years ago#3
Expecting us to get the third game in the Masoukishin series is like expecting Harmony Gold to give up the Macross copyright.

User Info: Katon

4 years ago#4
As much as I'd love Namco Bandai to hear our pleas, it just isn't going to happen. I'll be happy with the import.
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User Info: ShaneJ

4 years ago#5
Bahahaha, this has no chance in hell of ever happening. Gundam sells like crap out here, Armored Core sells like crap, and the list goes on and on. America doesn't like mecha, sans Transformers. And the last thing I want is Michael Bay touching Gundam, SRW etc...
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