Guys, we need your tweets!

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User Info: 180223

4 years ago#1
Guys, we need you to tweet

We want Masou Kishin 3: Pride of Justice #JRPGvita

to Shahid Kamal Ahmad at Twitter who is the Senior Business Development Manager at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. He wants to hear your opinion on which J-RPG games you would like to see localized with the hashtag #jrpgvita. Lets work together and bring Masoukishin 3 to the west!

User Info: 180223

4 years ago#2
For those who have no twitter accounts, you can follow the simple instructions in the link below to make one.

Okay comrades. The campaign is still ongoing so make sure you get your friends to tweet 'We want Masou Kishin 3: Pride of Justice #JRPGvita' to Shahid.

As long as we keep reminding him about SRW, he'll eventually have to get back to us about the progress with Namco Bandai. So keep getting your friends to tweet!

User Info: ShaneJ

4 years ago#3
Yeah Sony will totally waste time and effort on the third title in a trillogy of games that were not released in America or Europe, on a handheld that has an abysmal install base, for a small niche group of people, who probably don't even own one.

The PS3 version has an infinitely higher chance, and thats still never hapening ever.

OG 1 and 2 sold pretty bad and that was on GBA, a far more JRPG friendly and popular platform.
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User Info: 180223

4 years ago#4
The results of the twitter poll are out. While Tales, Valkyria Chronicles and FF Type Zero got the lion share of the tweets, I am happy that Masou Kishin managed to get a mention.

Again, a big thanks to those who tweeted and helped spread the message! Lets do better in the next campaign!

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