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User Info: Svenyip

4 years ago#1
For anyone who plans to play this game, it's probably a good idea to either play with people you actually KNOW, or ones you are sure will actually look at the game periodically.

You have a finite number of "cards" in your inventory. Five of them will be tied up with any game until it's finished. You only start with around 22 cards, so if you're playing four games against people that never look at the app again, you can't play for seven days until those inactive players auto-lose. (There might be a way to "quit" and take the loss yourself, but I don't see one at present.)

When you first begin to play, the game will ask you for a referral code. If you put that code in, you'll get an extra starting card (often Kirk, I think). The person who's code you put in ALSO gets an extra card, as well as a "referral bonus" of extra XP every time that player levels up.

My referral code is FWDQQI if you need one. If other people actually read this forum :), I'd suggest using whatever referral code is the LOWEST on the list to share the benefits.
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User Info: Semhut

4 years ago#3
Friend code TUCMFO. Level 5 and playing daily if anyone wants to add me.
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User Info: GADMThrawn

4 years ago#5
I just started playing last night. Awesome! my friend code is KUFZLG and I'm on all day every day. Hit me up.
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User Info: J1MM3L

4 years ago#7
My game kept freezing and crashing, so I re-installed, but then the account verification code didn't register, so I've made a new account.

I'll be re-adding everyone in this topic. The new name is just "Jimmel" without the numbers. Just let your games with my old account (J1MM3L) expire, and feel free to delete it from your friend lists.

And my new friend code is CDLUWU if anyone new wants to add me.
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User Info: ckittle8

4 years ago#9
Add me. QFAYNW
Gamertag = Kitler

User Info: Tuff726

4 years ago#10
MUMXHG is my code. I play all day, everyday even at work ;)
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