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User Info: DeadlyRacoon76

3 years ago#1
How to make it better? I feel like the rippers smg part and the gun as a whole is underpowered? Anyway to make it perform better?

User Info: Rapaleeman

3 years ago#2
The Ripper is a beast.

I don't usually use SMGs but I actually got that thing gold in a little under three hours when they released it for Season Pass holders a few weeks back. I wasn't even really trying and only finished it up when I saw all I needed was lean kills.

I typically run Suppressor with Grip or Extendo Mags. I used it in the Onslaught Deathmatch playlist and it worked out really well on every one of those maps. Oddly, I found it more suited for those maps than the Maverick which released with that pack. I can only assume that playlist is gone since Devastation is up now. I would assume it should work fine as all the new maps seem to be about the same size as the Onslaught ones.

The key is to know when to switch to the AR and back. I typically ran around in SMG mode but when I would ADS and see a dude at medium to long range, I would switch it up and us it in AR mode. With the AR mode, accuracy is key as the fire rate slows. As an SMG, it fires so fast that you can hipfire people to death even without steady aim which is its biggest draw. That fire rate is insane. With Grip, what little bounce it had is pretty much completely gone.

It's an awesome, versatile gun unlike the Maverick which I though was a little underwhelming. The only real down side is that the reload is brutal. SoH is your friend. I also found some success with Marathon and On the Go and just never stopped moving.
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User Info: darkshadowmaster

3 years ago#3
I love that weapon & can't wait till it's released on PS3.

Switching between AR & SMG mid gunfight depending on where they are in comparison to you is awesome.
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User Info: kingbahamut83

3 years ago#4
Been using since pass holders got it as well. I have no problem running through people with it in close/mid range as an smg. Pop the sight up for long range and burst fire.

Right now I have grip/suppressor but was running grip/muzzle break for a bit to add some range.
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