Latency went up from 60ms to 70ms

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User Info: yuman

3 years ago#1
I had the game from for about 3 month, have a 2.4 k/d, my latency was always 60, it recently went up to 70 & i cant seem to get it to come back down, i been getting noticeable lag, any suggestions? Im wired, port forwarded as well.

User Info: godFORBIDjelly

3 years ago#2
Good luck. No amount of Port Forwarding and adjusting has made mine go down. Test my connection through and I get 128 down 31 up with 6-9 ping, run that command prompt test on my PC and I get solid connection (not an IT tech, had help from one). Both my PC and x1 are wired connections yet my x1 never registers anything more than at 70 down 23 up and my latency has never been below 67.... Plus my NAT type is open yet Ghosts says its moderate...

You figure out how, please share so I can solve this BS.
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User Info: Abiz_

3 years ago#3
How do you find your Ping on this game?
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User Info: dedbus

3 years ago#4
The ping test through the xbox one is to their servers in Washington or whatever so you're going to have to move to get a better one.

I've never been able to get an open nat in ghosts except wiring directly to the modem and bypassing my router. Unfortunately I can't play like that because other people use the internet here. I did have to power cycle everything after hooking up to the modem for it to register a change as well.

Otherwise no amount of port forwarding, or dmzing brought an open nat with my router in ghosts. Occasionally it would show open in the XBOne network test but even that wouldn't last past a restart.
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  3. Latency went up from 60ms to 70ms

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