A way to stop voice commands?

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  3. A way to stop voice commands?

User Info: Archon522

3 years ago#1
Has anyone found a way to disable Kinect voice commands for just this game? When I am playing with a friend I keep opening the map somehow with what I am saying. I saw the list of commands, Kinect just hates me in this game :(

User Info: GastricTitan

3 years ago#2
Not that I know of without turning kinect off. It's annoying as hell
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User Info: PatriotAct

3 years ago#3
have the exact same issue...

User Info: Syco Clown

Syco Clown
3 years ago#4
It is ok, you are not alone. Mine likes to open a map right when I am winning a race or do a 360 of my car and the most inconvenient time ever. Just about time to disable the Kinect.
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User Info: KatKill

3 years ago#5
I was expecting the same issue, but for some reason I have the exact opposite. I can't get any of the commands to work. Granted I just got my XB1 and Rivals 2 hours ago, so I have no clue what's going on. Though, from what I understand, it's probably for the best that it's in this state.

User Info: LokerZ

3 years ago#6
ive had the map thing happen a few times and the camera move once or twice, but using the kinect for gps is too good to disable it for something that rarely occurs.
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  3. A way to stop voice commands?

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