Just got the game. Any tips/tricks i should know etc. before i get too far

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  3. Just got the game. Any tips/tricks i should know etc. before i get too far

User Info: XLegendKillerX

3 years ago#1
on the 4th mission. Anything to get ahead on early in the game or tips tricks you wish you knew before you got too far? Doing a certain task, getting a certain skill up? Doing certain sides? Etc. ?
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User Info: Howiedodat

3 years ago#2
I recommend just going with the flow and do what you want as you go. I had almost every side objective done before I was out of chapter one. One thing you might want to consider is getting the tier 2 skills unlocked first. Also the online hacking is fun and a nice change up.
Also do 10 criminal convoys as soon as you can to unlock the Destroyer sniper rifle. Great for disabling cars and faces in one shot.
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User Info: BeefEaster

3 years ago#3
yes, unlock the destroyer and get a silenced pistol
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User Info: Luminaire

3 years ago#4
If you care about achievements, I'd suggest going for the online achievements right away as people are prone to get better.. Otherwise I guess just always have your profiler out. It can alert you if you're invaded.
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User Info: Crauling

3 years ago#5
Check out the progression menu and look at the rewards you get for doing certain activities, i.e. fixer side missions, criminal convoys, etc. A lot of the weapons that you get as a reward can actually be purchased in the store. I agree with BeefEaster in that the Destroyer is a very powerful and useful weapon. That combined with the focus ability and you are an unstoppable titan.
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User Info: monkeehands

3 years ago#6
Make the "increased cash from hacking" skill the very last thing you spend points on as money is virtually worthless

The enforcer takedown skill is useful to have unlocked before you encounter them

Try and get the weapon smuggling side quest done asap, the spec ops goblin is useful and fun

Proximity IED's are a great way of dealing with incoming reinforcements in cars

Unlock the CToS towers early to get more safe houses

User Info: jcarey72

3 years ago#7
AI's don't ride motorcycles. if you see someone on a motorcycle, kill them because they are an intruder
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User Info: Enderlee

3 years ago#8
Do your missions at night.

User Info: tirn33

3 years ago#9
Enforcer knockdown skill is great. I would go towards that first. Last mission on act 1 has a 1v1 with an enforcer.

Use a silenced weapon for all restricted areas until you are seen. At first I tried to knockdown everyone which is pretty much impossible without being seen.

User Info: tirn33

3 years ago#10
Also full burst grenade launcher is the best I think for taking out cars
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  3. Just got the game. Any tips/tricks i should know etc. before i get too far

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