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User Info: Milla_Maxwell

3 years ago#411
Frozen_Blades81 posted...
1)Can someone tell me how one uses these codes?

There are multiple ways, I personally just stick them into my GameGenie, fast and easy.

3)Does Sheena's code allow her to use the summons outside overlimit?

No, every Mystic Arte can be used outside of overlimit with these codes EXCEPT Sheena's, (this is because of how hers are separate artes and aren't hidden to begin with.)

4)Would the codes work if used before actually getting the characters?


6)Do these codes add the techs to your list or replace the whole list?

They replace the whole list.
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User Info: e_a_s_1991

3 years ago#412
Cinerary posted...
e_a_s_1991 posted...
When i try to edit the game.conf it says i don't have permission to change.... even though i am the administrator on my computer (no other profiles on my laptop)

Are you actually running BF as an administrator? Right click on it, then select run as admin. Alternatively, you can do right click -> properties -> compatibility tab -> check the run as admin box.

You are a life savior!
I was wondering why I could never get the program to do anything that it said it does!
Thank you so much!

User Info: Mortimer-sama

3 years ago#413
Those All techs codes won't appear in my list after copy/paste them. Am i supposed to do something?

User Info: Cinerary

3 years ago#414
Mortimer-sama posted...
Those All techs codes won't appear in my list after copy/paste them. Am i supposed to do something?

Again, make sure you're running BF as an admin. An easier way to modify your code list is to simply click the pencil and paper icon at the bottom left of the apply cheats window. Then add/delete/change what you want, and save the changes.
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User Info: Mortimer-sama

3 years ago#416
I run BF as an admin, and I already add some codes fo ToS and for other games.
But those codes (who start by "write at") doesn't appear in that list.
Strange because just before, I add the party modifier codes, and they appear in the list.

Anyway, It's useless but I put my save in the JP version, just for see if the blank freezing techs had some names, and they have. ^^
Just for the fun, so Colette have Sephiroth, Zelos > Gae Bolg, Presea > Eternal Wind.

User Info: e_a_s_1991

3 years ago#417
Is there a way where we would get codes for specific items? I would like to just have the Rheairds.

User Info: e_a_s_1991

3 years ago#418
Also, does anyone have the code for Raine's titles? all the codes I have tried have not worked for her. Same goes for Presea

User Info: e_a_s_1991

3 years ago#419
vahn65 posted...
namethatno1uses posted...
I had a day off, so I could do some work. Here's another "all techs" code, but this one doesn't add any that freeze the game, and still has all mystic artes + working beta techs.

This should also fix the tech list for anyone who used Majutsuko's version. Paste this in the .txt patch file for Symphonia and then apply them as a cheat. (Once again, don't freak out when you see an empty slot in Zelos' tech list. That's Divine Judgment, and it works just fine.)

[Lloyd all techs + Falcon's Crest]
write at 0x000004F4:0x00000000
write at 0x000004FB:0x01FE5BB6
write at 0x000004FF:0x6B000000
write at 0x00000503:0x03FE7FFF
write at 0x00000507:0xFF000000
write at 0x0000050B:0x03FE7FFF

[Colette all techs + ????]
write at 0x00000610:0x00000000
write at 0x00000614:0x1F83A739
write at 0x00000618:0x00000000
write at 0x0000061C:0x5F8BAFFF
write at 0x00000620:0x00000000
write at 0x00000624:0x5F8BAFFF

[Genis all techs + Indignation Judgment]
write at 0x00000727:0x00000000
write at 0x0000072B:0x0309B3B3
write at 0x0000072F:0x3B000000
write at 0x00000733:0x07FFFFFF
write at 0x00000737:0xFF000000
write at 0x0000073B:0x07FFFFFF

[Raine all techs + beta spells + both LV3 Specials]
write at 0x00000840:0x00000000
write at 0x00000844:0x0976DB79
write at 0x00000848:0x00000000
write at 0x0000084C:0x7FFFFFFF
write at 0x00000850:0x00000000
write at 0x00000854:0x7FFFFFFF

[Sheena all techs]
write at 0x00000958:0xFFFFFFFF
write at 0x0000095C:0xFFFFFDB7
write at 0x00000960:0xFF00000F
write at 0x00000964:0xFFFFFFFF
write at 0x00000968:0xFF00000F
write at 0x0000096C:0xFFFFFFFF

[Zelos all techs + both Level 3 Specials]
write at 0x00000A70:0x00000000
write at 0x00000A74:0x01FFFF6D
write at 0x00000A78:0x00000000
write at 0x00000A7C:0x1DFFFFFF
write at 0x00000A80:0x00000000
write at 0x00000A84:0x1DFFFFFF

[Presea all techs + both Level 3 Specials]
write at 0x00000B88:0x00000000
write at 0x00000B8C:0x005F5329
write at 0x00000B90:0x00000000
write at 0x00000B94:0x01DFDFEF
write at 0x00000B98:0x00000000
write at 0x00000B9C:0x01DFDFEF

[Regal all techs + Fanged Finality]
write at 0x00000CA0:0x00000000
write at 0x00000CA4:0x03F49219
write at 0x00000CA8:0x00000000
write at 0x00000CAC:0x07FFFE7F
write at 0x00000CB0:0x00000000
write at 0x00000CB4:0x07FFFE7F

Kratos all techs + Shining/Luminous Bind(s)]
write at 0x00000DB0:0x00000000
write at 0x00000DB4:0x00000000
write at 0x00000DB8:0x00000000
write at 0x00000DBC:0x0BFFEEDB
write at 0x00000DC0:0x00000000
write at 0x00000DC4:0x1BFFFFFF
write at 0x00000DC8:0x00000000
write at 0x00000DCC:0x1BFFFFFF

Thanks man this made my day feels like a complete Game now

So I was playing along and i noticed something. I used this code to get all the tech's and it worked amazingly (thank you)
BUT here is one little side note about the characters techs.

during the battle with volt you lose one of sheena's spells (you know which one)
but it is replaced with the option of "Summon: Heart" which does the same exact thing but requires overlimit and costs 50 mana. the damage is the same and there is no extra cut-in like the the rest of the summons.

if you want the original spell back that does not require the overlimit and less mana then i would use the code again... but you lose the option of "Summon: Heart"

just a little tid bit that I ran across. Also if anyone out there is good with this coding stuff, could you find a way where we could have both? Just to have a complete tech list

User Info: Iampony1

3 years ago#420
is there a video where it shows any of this codes working?
O well, it was dead after the "To be Continued" anyway

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