How to kill the Zombie Parrot

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User Info: rj_l00

4 years ago#1
The Parrot seems nearly invincible. What's the best way to deal with the Parrot on levels where you can only lose a few plants?

User Info: achan1058

4 years ago#2
Butter instantly kills any flying zombies, including parrots. Otherwise, you need quite a bit of firepower to bring it down.

User Info: Korokiro

4 years ago#3
He is a pretty intimidating zombie. If you can manage to take him down before his parrot flies, you'll save yourself some headache. A row of Snapdragons is usually enough to take him down. Other than that, just try to take him out by plant fooding if he gets through and is about to steal your plants.
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User Info: Endless_Night

4 years ago#4
The 2 reliable method I use is either 1. Use cherry bomb and take that zombie the moment you see it or 2. Have a butter plant ready and when you see the parrot is about to land on a plant, use its special to kill it.

Do take note that if the parrot is flying, it's quite difficult to hit it even with the butter plant's special so it's better to wait just before it stop before using the special.
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User Info: Jak7733

4 years ago#5
Coconut Cannons.
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User Info: TheCloudian

4 years ago#6
Peashooter - Just about worthless against the parrot, even swarming them on one single lane won't work that efficiently.
Snow Pea - Slowing it down helps, but like the Peashooter, it's pretty much just as useless.
Kernal-Pult - If your luck does well and butter swings, you have basically a parrot down.
Spikeweed - Useless against parrots.
Jalapeno - Instant Kill when used correctly.
Potato Mine - Useless against parrots.
Cherry Bomb - Instant Kill when used correctly.
Melon-Pult - I declare victory if you use a melon-pult on a parrot. But for it's price and speed, it's sort of worth using against a parrot.
Cabbage-Pult - Much like the peashooter, swarming helps very little.
Spikerock - Useless against parrots.
Winter Melon - Downright deadly, slows and does massive damage? You can kiss those birds goodbye!
Threepeater - Worthless like the Peashooter, swarming actually might help though.
Squash - Instant Kill when used correctly.
Repeater - Just below the average I'd expect to kill a parrot but worth trying.
Split Pea - Very Decent.
Bloomerang - Worthless like the Peashooter, if firing rate improved, I guess it might be fine.
Coconut Cannon - A single Coconut Cannon just to take down a parrot is NOT WORTH IT.
Iceberg Lettuce - It doesn't even do damage, there's that for you.
Spring Bean - Useless against parrots.
Bonk Choy - Very Decent.
Chili Bean - Useless against parrots.
Snapdragon - It's short range makes parrots tough to kill and I wouldn't recommend using these.
Lightning Reed - Depending on how you use it, the L.R. can either be extremely useless or pretty good against a parrot.
Pea Pod I - Peashooter standards.
Pea Pod II - Repeater standards.
Pea Pod III - I wouldn't recommend using these, beyond this point of the Pea Pods, you shouldn't upgrade them.
Pea Pod IV - Very Decent.
Pea Pod V - Pretty good but not worth it's price. 625 Sun just for one lane? Nope.

User Info: colin_bartol

4 years ago#7
If you have two rows of snap dragons the parrot is toast.
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