Seriously, how disappointing is this game?

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  3. Seriously, how disappointing is this game?

User Info: Linkxx3

3 years ago#1
This game is truly a disappointing sequel to Plants vs. Zombies.

Nevermind the fact that it locks out six plants that were already available in the original PvZ, but having to pay $2-3 for each individual plant?! Yeah, it's not much at face value, but you have to consider what you're getting... $2 for a virtual plant is pretty ridiculous.

I know you don't have to buy them, but my point is that at least lock out some interesting new plants or upgrades to plants like in the old game. Not six plants already available in PvZ and with absurd prices, to boot.

Then there are the platforms that this game is on... Just iOS and Android, and truth be told, I really don't care that much about it not being on multiple platforms, but did they really need to release it just on these two platforms, because it's free to play? It could have just as easily been released on multiple platforms as a paid product with all plants unlocked and multiple modes, but nope.

About multiple modes... This is another thing that's disappointing about this. The original is so fun and timeless, and the variety of modes offered just re-enforces this fact.

Puzzle, Survival, Minigames, Zen Garden and Crazy Daves Shop (a nice in-game shop used to reward you with your in-game coins... Not this PvZ2 free to play garbage having you buying old plants with real money).

Plants vs. Zombies 2 has none of these. You have Adventure mode with a few poor minigames (in my opinion) scattered around the map, which aren't even close to the fantastic ones found in Plants vs. Zombies.

Then there are the weird power-ups which seem out of place and just reek of "buy this to win" (even though you can win without using them, but what the heck at these coin options... There's a bundle for $99! Seriously?!). They don't even make sense just being there.

The new zombies are pretty decent, but the worlds have mostly the same zombie type, except re-skinned and the overall variety and special abilities of the zombies are lacking.

Plants are even worse. First off, I'm not feeling the art style of the plants in this one, and not only are there about five new plants (some not even new. The Iceberg Lettuce is basically the Ice Shroom from PvZ, except worse), but the overall number of plants is MUCH less than PvZ. So, from this perspective, this game, as a sequel fails hard.

The gameplay itself doesn't even feel as engaging or exciting as the original. The original had five "worlds", each made up of ten levels with cool mini games you could play in between some levels. In PvZ2, the three worlds have twenty five levels each and is incredibly repetitive having to fight the same five enemy types in every world for twenty five levels, and having to play the same minigame in every world at least three times. Does anyone even find the tile matching and coconut cannon minigames fun?!

The gameplay and progression in the first game had you progress in a fun way by giving you new plants and strategies along the way, but in this game it just feels like everything is structured in a way where you need to do things precisely to win. Eg. You need a Bonk Choy behind a Wall-Nut and other set things to win. In the original you could win with just Chompers and other weird plant formations. PvZ2 has a certain set way and I don't even know how to explain it properly. Oh, and why only six seed packets?

Also, there is no real difficulty curve to it. If you buy the locked plants, it becomes that much easier and if you don't, even the first world can be difficult.

I don't know, this game just doesn't feel honest in its free to play structure. You can still beat it without buying anything, but it would be frustrating and not fun.
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User Info: Linkxx3

3 years ago#2
This game is legitimately not as fun or interesting as Plants vs. Zombies. The creator of Plants vs. Zombies, George Fan was laid off by EA after this games announcement, so that's probably one reason why it's not as good.

EA is blegh at this point. If any game deserves a true & worthy sequel, it's Plants vs. Zombies. It's the kind of game where you either do a sequel or you don't... And if there has to be a sequel, it needs to be as good, if not better than the first, and Plants vs. Zombies 2 isn't it.
2nd in command of the Shamans Sexies

User Info: jannedaarc1

3 years ago#3
I really feel your pain. I agree with the bulk of your complaints.

I do not really have time to address each of your points - though each of them warrants a comment - so I'll just limit my response to some of the things that come most to mind in reaction to your post.

These free to play really mean "pay to win". I abhor this. I would have been very, very pleased to pay $20...hell, even $40 for this game based on how many hours of fun I had in the first game. Instead we get this "free" game that I really feel allows the designers to dial the quality way back and then be able to say "how can you complain? It's free!"

What really gets me is the lack of versatility in the game. You are so right. There are no mini games, no zen garden, no shop where you can buy fun stuff - your money in the game is pretty much just for power ups that I find unenjoyable to use. What really kills me is the damned endless mode. Basically there is only one strategy to employ to beat them (thanks to the stupid amount of gigantuars) and it often if not always requires using money to win. Even if it doesn't for some of those really skilled players (and the youtube vids I've seen have shown me that all of them use the power swipe at least some of the time) then who the hell wants to do the same thing until failure? Not me.

There are, however, some aspects that I love. I'm really enjoying the pinata parties, I really enjoyed this boss battle of late and I admit that I am very eager to play the new future world.

So let me close by clarifying a little bit. I really enjoy this game even in light of my whining. Admittedly I have sunk many, many hours into it. What disappoints me is the lack of replayability and the need to spend money to win on my favorite mode - endless. I have no problem giving money to this game I just wish it would have bought a game with greater variety and replayability.

User Info: creativeme

3 years ago#4
i agree with most if not all of what you said. the game is still pretty easy though. most levels you just have to use the right plants to counter the others. for the most part you don't get much freedom.

i agree i would have paid $20 for a full game if it was a true sequel.

does george fan have any other games? i'd love for something else from him or any kind of game similar to plants vs zombies.
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User Info: njorls

3 years ago#5
It's a great free game, there's no need to buy anything and you can complete everything easily enough for free.

Enjoy the new and old plants, new zombies, and new music, I like the pirate and Wild West music especially.

Maybe it's not what you wanted but take what the game literally gives you for nothing.
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User Info: Kismayaz

3 years ago#6
So, for $20, can you not enjoy the full game and all it offers? Or does it cost more than that? I don't know as I haven't played, but I'm interested.
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User Info: njorls

3 years ago#7
Right now every plant is $18 I think, upgrades are more. The only worthwhile upgrade, extra seed slot, is $4. I paid $10 for an extra seed slot, imatater, and power lily and that's more than enough, a lot of the premium plants are redundant to the ones you can unlock.

Or just enjoy almost all of it for free.
I should go.

User Info: Avs0000

3 years ago#8
This new update where you have to pay 1000 coins to retry is one of the worst changes I've seen. Even though I've already beaten this game, it looks like they are just trying to squeeze whatever they can from whoever still plays this garbage.

User Info: achan1058

3 years ago#9
njorls posted...
Right now every plant is $18 I think, upgrades are more. The only worthwhile upgrade, extra seed slot, is $4. I paid $10 for an extra seed slot, imatater, and power lily and that's more than enough, a lot of the premium plants are redundant to the ones you can unlock.

$18? That's the combined price, right?

User Info: njorls

3 years ago#10
$18 total I think, yes
I should go.
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