Wow, today's Pinata Party...

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User Info: njorls

3 years ago#11
Got it 3rd try. The key is giving plant food to the iceberg lettuce. Then the melon pult.

One of the better parties so far.
I should go.

User Info: achan1058

3 years ago#12
njorls posted...
One of the better parties so far.

I agree, except for the 1000g retries. Honestly, from looking at this board, I am beginning to wonder whether we are playing the same party at all. It's bloomerang, power lily, and 1 single melon, with iceberg lettuce in the back vs dynamite zombies and sandstorm imps, right?

User Info: jinhaoyu122

3 years ago#13
Wtf, after this ridiculous mission they just pulled as a way to force users to spend money. I'm removing this app...

User Info: IGAmazingBob

3 years ago#14
Those onion things give you plenty of plant food. Use those to get plant food, and use it on the ice lettuce that starts on the back of the level. That fill freeze everything on the screen for quite a while. It's really not too bad of a level....wait for a sand storm or two, use a plant food on the ice lettuce to freeze everything then plant food on the watermelon to kill everyone, and keep repeating for the entire level. You'll get it done without using any power ups.

User Info: Llaine

3 years ago#15
What can we do, you ask?

Go to the app store, downgrade your rating for the game until the mechanism is more balanced?

User Info: Hunter667

3 years ago#16
it is actually totally do able and very simple once you figure out the trick. Clever bastards...

How-to win
Iceberg lettuce...

just before that first prospector is about to jump and the 2nd comes out. power up an iceberg and freeze them all. put your bloomerangs on rows 1,2 4,5. and the melon-pult on 3. (you only get 1) keep an eye out on the sandstorm zombies and the prospectors and ignore the rest. when a prospector is getting into jump range or a sandstorm zombie gets to close to the iceburgs. FREEZE them.

you are going to want to freeze them the first 3-4 times. don't waste power on the melon-pult.

Important Tip: The faster you kill the zombies, the faster they spawn. (by freezing them, you max out how long before more zombies come and give you more time to build up plants)

when the crowd is big enough, and close to unfreezing power up that melon-pult ONE time and kill them. that should kill all the sandstorm zombies and prospectors. then again start freezing and let your melonpult and bloomerangs plink them down while your bloomerangs fill the map

*important Tip 2* don't forget to leave room for your power Lilies

User Info: superstud69x

3 years ago#17
Yeah, it took me a few tries, cause I somehow thought that Plant Fooding an Iceberg Lettuce destroyed it. Once I realized it didn't destroy it, I was good to go.

Also, on my 5th attempt (the one after I had my lettuce revelation), they gave me waaaaay more Power Lilies than the previous attempts for some reason, so I was able to non-stop freeze everything on screen and then Melonpult em.
Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost.

User Info: Falling Down

Falling Down
3 years ago#18
In my game I had bucket heads which don't die after a single melon super attack, and I don't get an extra food to do a second attack to finish them off.
DOOD!!! ~Prinnies

User Info: steve_juneau

3 years ago#19
Yep, actually impossible to win without spending coins. Failed the first time and just pummelled the toss power up on the second try. Insanely cheap level.

User Info: Llaine

3 years ago#20
I think there is an element of luck in the type and sequence of plants appearing in your queue.

However, the fact remains - we now need to spend money to retry and replenish lost lawn mowers. If you are not an old timer who have stockpiled a small fortune over the last few months, imagine how much "enticing" spending money on coins is now?

Give the mobile version of Dungeon Keeper a try, if you want a glimpse of how far EA can take this....

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