It's just a load of crap (endless mode)

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User Info: jannedaarc1

3 years ago#1
I'll open by saying I enjoy this game. I do. Otherwise I wouldn't keep playing. But what really kicks my ass is the endless mode in this game (like Dead Man's Booty). For about the first ten levels it is too easy but not at all bad. From 11-20 it becomes fun and challenging. From 20+ for the most part (and yes - you can get a string of fairly easy encounters which allowed me to get to around lvl 50 in the Ancient Egypt endless), it becomes impossible to proceed without using the powerups.

On the one hand - so what? That's what they are there for. But at such an incredibly high price, you are not likely going to be able to sustain using them for long without having to actually spend real money to get more. This is what makes it non-enjoyable past a point. You can be as crafty, quick, and tactical as possible and you are guaranteed to lose without spending money.

I've said it before - I wish the jackballs would have just made the damned game $20 from the outset instead of making it "free".

User Info: njorls

3 years ago#2
What problems are you having?

I find Egypt to be easier since the dust storms are gone, they'd overwhelm you too early in the level. I'm up to level 65 so far without breaking too much of a sweat.

The big problem with Pirate Seas is early parrots stealing your plants. Maybe kernel pults/ plant food is the answer.

I found gargantuars are stopped by melon pults and winter melons, with spike rocks to stop them cold. They throw imps to the 3rd column every time, so that's where I put my sunflowers, along with the 4th column. A wintermelon and melon pult behind them stop the imps but i have to replace twin sunflowers.

I also bought the extra seed slot, imatater and power lily mostly for endless mode.
I should go.

User Info: iknoweverything

3 years ago#3
I'm at level 50 on Egypt with no power ups used and no extra plants bought or anything like that.

All I do is twin sunflowers, use mines and chili beans to delay the first horde enough that I can get a winter melon in each row, which takes care of pretty much all regular zombies aside from pharaohs and bucketheads if they arrive in bulk. Depending on the zombies displayed in the level preview, I either use corn catapults (slows down Gigantaurs) or the double pea shooters, I might use cherry bombs as well if I see gigantaurs during the preview for last minute bailouts.

Aside from that, it's just strategy in the moment. But typically winter melon, two to three rows of corn, and a bonk choy or two will take down most strings of gigantaurs. Save your plant foods for when things get desperate, don't be afraid to lose a lawnmower, since by that point the only cards you have to choose from will probably give you an extra one next level.

It's not impossible, you've just gotta get a system that works for you.

User Info: jannedaarc1

3 years ago#4
Hm. Well, I am clealry doing something wrong.

Let's just focus on the Egypt level first b/c that is certainly the easiest. When I face enemies with no gigantaurs it is a snap. I never lose and never forfeit a lawnmower. Easy.

It is the gigantaurs when they come in hordes that kill me and I simply do not understand how they are not doing the same to you without use of powerups.

When I know there are gigantaurs I select the following: (and sorry, I do not know the names of the plants and do not care to look them up. It's called lazy). Double sunflowers, the ice melon-pults, typically the potato bombs, the gourd guy, then for crowd control other than gigantaurs i like the bok-choy and I really love the spikeweed (best plant in the game imo other than what the damned gigantaurs do to it). Oh, and of course I use the plant food generator dude.

Without sounding like a jerk - the reason I am a little dubious about what you are telling me is the gigantaurs and their little buddies just overwhelm me. I always plant inthe back row the melons with usually another row of them in the next row if I have enough time. Then the sunflowers and then the bok choys and spikeweeds/bombs. Sometimes I do use cherry bombs. See - when the gigantaurs throw the little guys they are oging to get through the sunflowers quick and redirect the melon pults. This takes the heat off the gigantaurs who then make ground. In levels 30+ there are usually so many you never catch up and even two rows of melon pults are insufficient. Obviously you guys are not being duplicitous in your posts but I'm not relaly doing anything different and I just get overrun.

User Info: iknoweverything

3 years ago#5
My format for levels with gigantaurs usually goes:

1 row of double sunflowers
1 row of frozen melonpults
3 rows of corn pults
1-2 rows of bonk choys

The melon slows everything down, the corn stops the gigantaurs for a few seconds giving the bonk choys time to do as much damage as possible before the break your first lines. When they throw the imps, you'll have to replace the cornpults every now and again, but do it quickly to keep from losing the melons. Use cherry bombs on waves of gigantaurs as soon as they enter so hopefully it'll be replenished if they're still alive further into your ground. And if they start making headway into the deeper sections of your plants, I recommend planting a potato mine in the last row as a last ditch before they reach the lawnmowers. You'll have to rebuild obviously, but at least you keep your mower.

There are still times where more than 2 gigantaurs show up in the same row and wreak havoc, but like I said, losing a lawnmower isn't a total failure, just take the hit and conserve sun to rebuild the row once the lawnmower clears the path.
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