blue mushrooms spoilers

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User Info: Ray5555

3 years ago#1
where can I find them at?
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User Info: Charocks

3 years ago#2
Guild Woods
Fish near the Guild Demon Door
Woman in the Picnic Area
Trader in Barrow Fields
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User Info: DeathByMusic68

3 years ago#3
Charocks posted...
Guild Woods

This one's a little tricky though you gotta go back and forth between Guild Woods and Oakvale a couple times

User Info: Emperor_Xan

3 years ago#4
or kill the guy and take it
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User Info: mantez

3 years ago#5
Charocks posted...
Guild Woods

Talk to the guy in the Guild Woods take the letter he gives you to Oakvale the girl standing near the well. Then go back to guild woods and collect your shroom.
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