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User Info: omidgie

3 years ago#1
I'm having a problem getting to reel in anything at all! Is there a secret on how to get the d*** thing in? Everytime I get to the point of getting the item, it always gets away. What am I doing wrong? Please help, I'm going crazy trying to get anything at all and really, really would appreciate your help. Thanks.

User Info: Floymin

3 years ago#2
Keep pressing A repeatedly. When the bar changes color, stop. Begin immediately when the bar turns bright green again. Slow down the pressing when you get close to the left icon so that you don't snap the line.
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User Info: omidgie

3 years ago#3
Thank You!!!!!! I was trying to go the other way, no wonder it wasn't working. I'll be able to rest easy tonight, or, I should say, this morning. Thanks again.

User Info: Gigant0pithecus

3 years ago#4
You simply tap A quickly when the fish isn't pulling/controller isn't vibrating. If you press A when it's pulling, you'll begin straining the line and it starts to turn red until it snaps, which is why you need to stop when it's pulling. Once it gets to the very left of the bar, you catch the item/fish. If you let it get to the right end of the bar, it gets away.

Sometimes the line can withstand more A presses, which are generally easy as pie and allow more room for error or accidental A presses. Other times it'll snap with like three or four taps of A while it's pulling. Those are harder to do and a bit time consuming. I think some fishing spots (certain silver key ripples) may have set 'difficulties' but it could also be random.

For the harder ones, if I don't decide to back out and try to get an easier one, as soon as it stops pulling I tap A very quickly for about 2 seconds to close some distance then slow down to steadier presses in preparation for the pull, so it's easier to stop without risk of the line snapping.
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User Info: iggyhaxor

3 years ago#5
Fishing is soooo annoying in this game lol
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User Info: omidgie

3 years ago#6
My thanks to you GigantOpithecus, that's quite a handle by the way, for your explanation, Both of your instructions were very helpful and really worked! Thanks again.

User Info: osiris605

3 years ago#7
You can save a lot of time and annoyance if you just get the "rod of champions" in the fishing competition. It's a lot more forgiving.

User Info: Axel_Gunshin

3 years ago#8
osiris605 posted...
You can save a lot of time and annoyance if you just get the "rod of champions" in the fishing competition. It's a lot more forgiving.

Not too forgiving. There are some spots that still only give you a buffer of 2-3 hits before the line goes.
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User Info: brandonkiser

3 years ago#9
I can attest to the fact that the rod of champions doesn't make fishing any easier in this game. Perhaps it did in the original fable, it's probably just one more in the myriad of things the developers screwed up in this remake. I got out my old xbox & i'm going to order a copy of fable on ebay, i'm done with this mess.

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