Best place to farm Split Chamber?

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User Info: kntwrk

3 years ago#1
Been trying forever and it just doesn't want to drop for me.
PSN: kntwrk

User Info: Neonwarrior1243

3 years ago#2
Tier 3 Survival.

User Info: SomethingKinky

3 years ago#3
Got mine from General Sargus Ruk.
I've been battering Uranus all evening for want of a better expression lol! I'm normally pretty patient but this really has stumped me tonight!

User Info: Darkday680

3 years ago#4
Palus Pluto seems to be the fastest. Just need to make it twenty min an repeat till you got it. Got mine on 2nd run
Psn SlayeofGod

User Info: kntwrk

3 years ago#5
Thanks for the advice.
PSN: kntwrk

User Info: bearded_moose

3 years ago#6
not even joking... orokin derelict defense mission seem to drop all of the rares i'm constantly seeing people on here begging for.

that being said, if you plan to run some OD defense... TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!
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