cash spent on Warframe?

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User Info: in_flames_gt_52

3 years ago#1
So how much money have you guys put into the game? Personally I love it so I've bought the 1000 platinum bundle and 370 plat.
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User Info: Shy420

3 years ago#2
I've been playing this game since release and really really enjoy it. I hadn't planned on spending any cash but since I enjoyed it so much I've spent about 50 cash and then the 10$ that you got for buying a PS4. I do plan on spending more money once I get max out my Frost, maybe go for a Saryn or maybe a Trinity. Trinity seems like she'd take a long time to level up.
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User Info: friedricetheman

3 years ago#3
Trinity is a support frame. It's not for everyone. She can't DPS fast enough and doesn't have any CC skill except for Link which is not a CC skill at all.

I managed to level up my Trinity to 30 (supercharged with potato) in 5 days.

But be forewarned that Trinity is an expensive frame to build up because of the mods.

She will need (everything at maxed) Energy Siphon, Streamline, Flow, Constitution, Continuity and Link and Blessings. These are all rare mods (except for energy siphon) and they take a lot of credits and consumed mods to max them out. You will also need to farm for her Aura Helmet which is not easy.

You will need to max out her blessings first as it will give 10 second invul. Everything else is in there to prolong her blessings duration and make it cheaper to cast.
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User Info: GuardianShadow0

3 years ago#4
^ And those are just normal mods. Once you start going for a "Corrupt" build...
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User Info: _RaveMaster_

3 years ago#5
IMO Constitution and Continuity aren't even core. After Flow/Streamline which I consider core on most frames, you should look to get Narrow Minded. It's a 10 level mod, harder to obtain but it's broken on her. Adds +99% Duration on blessing when maxed which is like double of constitution and continuity combined. Plus it's negative effect barely affects Trinity.

Flow>Narrow>>>>Streamline>The rest.

Depending on what you're doing throw Redirection in earlier.

User Info: xerofyre0

3 years ago#6
trinity is the best and constitution, continuity arent necessary. continuity i dont even have leveled far because it takes wayyy to long for energy vampire to pulse which is key for teammates in survival later on.

trinity is a beast at bosses and can out damage EVERYONE at most bosses using the weel if life/energy vampire combo. im bput to polarize her for the second time and ive been using her for 5 days. but she is not for everyone, if you like seeing your name on the boards with the most kills, etc, you will hate her. you will be an unsung hero who keeps everyone alive and well and they wont even realize it was because you were saving their ass the entire time. HUGE tip as trin: go to options and turn on ''show player list'' so you can keep a close eye on the health of all teammates. its key for a good trinity player. no one should ever be down.

another tip, in low levels teammates will undoubtably kill your energy vampire host, i found using turrets and cameras as a better way to build energy if you can.

anyways, ive spent 30 bucks and thats cheap considering ive got more play time than most 60 dollar games. for now though, im making platinum by trading.
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