Thoughts on a Soma build.

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User Info: FaceToTheFloor

3 years ago#1
So, currently I'm running with the following Soma build:

Rifle Ammo Mutation
Point Strike
Split Chamber
Hammer Shot
Critical Delay
Vital Sense

Damage is pretty good, same with fire rate. Basically every shot is a crit, even though it's only 88% or so. And 8.4x multiplier makes for some big numbers. But, I was wondering if it might be better, damage wise, to switch to something more like:

Point Strike
Split Chamber
Hammer Shot
Vital Sense Serration
Bane of ______
2 Faction specific damage mods

Status chance is low, even with Hammer Shot, but I'm wondering if it would be any more effective overall. Has anyone tested similar builds? I have a feeling swapping Mutation or Shred for Bane will work out better regardless, but I do like using Shred for defense/survival when you have big swarms, since it cuts right through them.

Thoughts? Thanks for any good ideas!

User Info: darkphiresage

3 years ago#2
I'd get rid of rifle ammo mutation. you don't really need it unless you spray and pray, which is a waste with the soma. it's powerful enough to dispatch most enemies with a 2-5 round burst once modded correctly, (and that's true for me even though i haven't found split chamber yet. should be absolutely true for you), and you seem to have all the required mods. soma's crit chance with a max point strike is 75%, so if you're only at 88%, you're barely using that critical delay. replacing those two with the elemental mods/combo your enemy is weak against should dramatically improve your dps.
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User Info: XeonFlu

3 years ago#3
You definitely need two available slots for Elemental combos etc. Damage 2.0 combos like magnetic, corrosive, blast really should have a place in every weapon. At higher difficulties it's a good idea to have an elemental combo that plays into the weapon's strength, like magnetic on an impact pistol like twin vipers so it can be your shield ripper while your soma has corrosive for the Void heavy gunners. It's fun to prep up for what you're going to fight and the right elemental combo causes up to 75% more damage.

But I have to say keep that rifle ammo mutation on pretty much permanently, maybe on PC where you can tap out perfect headshots on a Tier 3 survival like Palus Pluto but it's just not realistic on console.

Besides, how much DPS are you doing if you run out of ammo? That mod is essential. I have a 3 forma Crit build and I think the only interchangeable mods would be Hammershot and/or Shred. I personally prefer Shred.
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User Info: gatz900

3 years ago#4
I second the ammo mutation mod. Running out of ammo on a void key mission happens a bit even If you are careful.
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User Info: ShAd0wF1amE

3 years ago#5
Long story short, Critical Delay actually lowers DPS on the Soma, so don't use it, replace it with an element depending on what faction you're fighting. Also, a second element would provide a larger damage boost than Shred while conserving ammo better, so unless you really love puncture, I'd switch that for a second element. Otherwise you're fine.

User Info: John_8_Rambo

3 years ago#6
Why no heavy caliber?

I'd go with your second build with an added ammo mut, TC, but replace bane with heavy cal.
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