Current OP Weapons/Frames with What Mods ?

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User Info: twirlnuts316

3 years ago#1
What do you guys/gals think is the current OP weapon or Warframe ? Including Mods
FANBOYS What a joke !!!

User Info: GIare

3 years ago#2
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User Info: Tec187

3 years ago#3
With the right mods, many things could be considered OP:

- Soma
- Synapse
- Brakk (PS4 doesn't have that)

- Nyx (Nothing ever shoots at you)
- Rhino (Nothing ever moves + you cant die)
- Trinity (You can't die ever + solo pretty much anything)
- Nova (Blows everything up, BEFORE end game content) (I disagree, but many think her MP is OP, but it isn't really)

So in the end, mods are really more important than what you put them in, which really is dependent on your playstyle. Pick the weapon and frame you enjoy, and make them powerful.
Of course, once you have said mods, they do indeed make some weapons and frames really strong.
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User Info: SomethingKinky

3 years ago#4
Nothing is op. A lot of stuff is underpowered though.
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User Info: squiggy9996999

3 years ago#5
^ sadly synapse and soma look so good because they nerfed everything else. enjoy them while you can...

but pretty much any weapon kicks ass after an orokin injection and a few formas...
I want to agree with you but then we'd BOTH be wrong...

User Info: SaintRuzai

3 years ago#6
Rhino is the cheese frame. Tons of tankiness, good CC, high damage, the only real drawback is his speed. It's literally the frame I see everyone use (and brag about???).
Fun... yeah, more than other frames. He's incredibly mainstream though, since he's generally considered the best general use frame.

Trinity is the expert frame. She and her teammates are practically invincible forever if she's built correctly, but the mods have to be EXACTLY right for her to be great.
Very fun if supporting is your kind of thing. Otherwise, you may not like her, even though you're technically supporting yourself more than anyone else.

Frost can lock down opponents literally forever. He's OP in terms of CC, and has a great amount of tankiness. Damage output is moderate though, but as a team player, he's one of the best frames I've seen.
Super fun to play as imo.

Nova is the go-anywhere-kill-everything frame. If she brought just damage to the table, she'd be incredibly strong, but the fact that she has moderate crowd control abilities as well makes her a wonderful frame that requires exactly 0 skill. Just swipe right, and boom, you win. Walk around and pick up just a couple of the hundreds of energy cores that dropped from the recently obliterated planet, and you can go destroy another one.
Fun for a little while because of explosions. Gets old before long though.

Nyx was mentioned as well. She doesn't have much other than Chaos and to some extent Absorb. Still, that's all she needs to get through pretty much every single planet, regardless of level.
I found her to be incredibly boring to play as.

Banshee has some of the best boss kill times (with or without a team) with a Sonar combo. Otherwise, she's got the cheapest lockdown CC ability in the game with Sonic Boom, and a wave clear with Sound Wave. She requires distance though as she's an incredibly frail frame. Not really OP, but she's great for advanced players and can have incredible kill times (+500% or more damage on a critical hit zone on bosses. Adds up quickly).
Fun to play as, even solo.

Valkyr Hysteria build, while not having the greatest damage output (though still pretty high), can be invincible almost forever, depending if she can get enough energy to chain together minute-long Hysteria uses. OP in one on one combat, but since she has little AoE, cannot wave clear well. Her survivability is way up there.
Hysteria builds, ironically, are not that fun. It gets old, similar to how running around with just really strong daggers and not being able to use your gun would get old. Using her in junction with, say, Ripline though, makes her one fun spiderman of a killer.

This is extremely debatable, but I find Vauban to be OP (and rare, double blessing). His utility, high Damage over time, swarm lockdown, and high AoE damage cause his to be a sort of a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-most frame. He suffers from a bit of frailty, but it's not that bad, considering you usually lockdown enemies (if not kill them) before they can do much. Tesla Spam gives high DoT, especially on bosses, and wave control, while Bastille gives lockdown, and Vortex gives lockdown and... death pretty much. Bounce is singlehandedly the most troll move in the game to use on allies, so I find him incredibly fun as well BUT if running-and-gunning is your kind of thing, Vauban may not be for you as he's definitely a trapmaster/engineer of the Warframe universe.

OP weapons? Soma, Sobek (apparently), Vectis (if sniping is your thing; kills most things in one hit, even the biggies), Galatine, Dual Ichor (apparently) and... I have no idea for secondaries, though I see most high-level people using Kunai.

Source for my info: personal play off my sibling's PC acc that has all frames and most weps. Warframe forums, weapons/frames wiki, Google in general.

User Info: squiggy9996999

3 years ago#7
^ well you can't list half the frames lol. that's not OP, that's the definition of balance in a game.
I want to agree with you but then we'd BOTH be wrong...

User Info: Tec187

3 years ago#8
Saint, you also seem to be talking about general "mid-level" play, clearing planets, doing normal missions.
ANY frame with great mods can do that with their eyes closed.
"OP" comes into play in end game content, not mid-game content.

Heck, even Mag is OP at clearing normal mid-level missions lol :P
Pull or crush and everything dies... that doesn't make her OP - at all.
I'm getting too old for this sheet
~ "I don't need luck, I have ammo" ~ Grunt, ME3

User Info: soju

3 years ago#9
I definitely agree about Rhino. A blindfolded chimp could be successful at this game if it was using Rhino.

User Info: SaintRuzai

3 years ago#10
Sorry, I listed a lot because they were OP in specific categories. Mob clear, Crowd Control, utility, tankiness, etc.

And that's probably true on the mid-game build per-se, but that's where most people are when they ask for OP frames. You generally figure out what's best by late-game yourself anyway, though I've yet to make it that far personally.
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