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User Info: Dark Hunter GC

Dark Hunter GC
3 years ago#1
Hey all, I know that a lot of you are probably trying to decide whether or not Zephyr is worth all of that time and effort to build, since she takes some serious time to put together. So, here's my rundown.

I just ran a Xini run to wave 40, just me and a Vauban, to see how she handles higher level crowds. I'm pleased to say that against Corpus, her Magnetic Tornadoes certainly do the job. Zephyr seems to be another CC frame that does better keeping a distance from baddies, and she certainly bars the distance well. Her tornadoes sort of wander wherever they want, generally to the largest crowd in the area. Unlike Vortex, the cyclones do damage, and still kill Corpus over level 60 without much trouble.

Her wind shield diverts fire enough to take on the heavy techs head on, I was using Tigris and Sicarus Prime at the time, neither of which are rapid fire weapons for reloading in front of a heavy tech. If you are worried that your health is taking too much of a hit, Zephy can simply fly away with ease. Her Dive Bomb is convenient for dropping into the middle of a crowd to revive allies. If you feel like you went too far from the cryopod, she can fly right back in a flash, damaging anything in her path. You can also stand on the cryopod with her wind shield to protect it.

After a bit more testing, I put together a build that can carry her through level 60+ waves and survival with minimal trouble.

Rejuvenation (She has a D polarity by default)

Narrow Minded

All abilities

Sentinal: Shade

Between her cyclones and wind shield, you should be able to get away quite well just using duration mods instead. We want power efficiency, but also power strength as well, so Narrow Minded is the only corrupt mod I'm putting on this build. To keep from losing too much range for her cyclones, Stretch is nice.

I'm interested in some of your builds as well. For those who have her and played her, what do you all think of Zephyr so far?
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User Info: squiggy9996999

3 years ago#2
good stuff. now all i need is 8945 more oxium lol.

and my clan leader to actually log in and update our dojo...
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User Info: Mega_Tyrant

3 years ago#3
Heavy Impact works with Dive Bomb.
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User Info: soju

3 years ago#4
squiggy9996999 posted...
good stuff. now all i need is 8945 more oxium lol.

and my clan leader to actually log in and update our dojo...

Lol. My clan wasted no time getting started on the lab, and I probably won't even have a chance to contribute to the research because they're so quick. That said, it's still going to take me all week to farm enough oxium to make her.

User Info: innerchyld25

3 years ago#5
I like your build. Thanks for the heads up. She sounds worth the wait now...
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User Info: Dark Hunter GC

Dark Hunter GC
3 years ago#6
She certainly is worth a build, so all of that farming and waiting is worth it. I forgot to note different strategies with her cyclones. The cyclones deal magnetic damage by default, but shooting the tornado with different elements will cause the cyclones to inherit the elements from your weapons. Take full advantage of this by shooting fire or gas around during infested runs, and Viral, Toxic or Corrosive for Grineer. The tornadoes seem to proc constantly, so the proc rate is what allows the cyclones to continue damaging enemies at higher levels with little trouble.

Don't bother trying to shoot spiraling enemies, they spin around too quickly. If you want to shoot enemies trapped in the cyclones, I suggest using weapons like Ogris, Penta, Torid, Thunderbolt Bows or a shotgun with a good wide spread. More enemies means more cyclones. The cyclones generally do whatever they want, though they do chase enemies. Take advantage of the cyclones by either hiding in them when you are being attacked by other enemies, or using the added CC to go pick off other baddies while you ignore those stuck in the tornadoes.

This is all what I have found works well anyways. Just remember to fire away at those cyclones. I suggest running 3-4 elements on guns you use with Zephyr, to take full advantage of her cyclone procs. If you use a gun with less, make sure to bring secondary/primary with a rainbow build alongside your elementless weapon.
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User Info: Horridhal

3 years ago#7
After using her a bit all I can say is meh.

She is fun to play, but not really spectacular in terms of damage or CC. Fun for mid-tier but less effective in our current 'end-game.'

Also, for me, her tornadoes are bugged(not sure if it is the same for everyone) and only the host can change the element on them.
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User Info: MercuryPSP

3 years ago#8
Am I the only one who finds her power effects to be rather obnoxious? Mainly the tornadoes and the shield shooting out energy lines and shaking the camera. Kind of turned me off from even going for her...

User Info: Dark Hunter GC

Dark Hunter GC
3 years ago#9
I haven't experienced that glitch myself, but not being able to change the elements on the tornadoes takes away her endgame viability. That sounds agitating.

Funny you mention the cyclones being annoying, I was thinking while using her that those cyclones are probably really annoying for other players. I like them myself, but they make a big mess of things, if that bothers you.
It wasn't a rock....

User Info: bearded_moose

3 years ago#10
it sounds like there's more than enough new content to justify coming back to this game.

have they released any new kinds of void missions? that's one of the reasons i quit. i got tired of running the same levels over and over for 1 blueprint in particular.
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