My player tattoos?

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User Info: SkrillaMan

3 years ago#1
Ok so I think when you first make your player at the start you don't have this option but when I went into it after creating him already. They had options to put tattoos on him... BUT the only tattoo I could put on my guy was a 2k logo. Why would they even waste their time and put in the option to give your guy tattoos when it's only one dumb 2k logo?
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User Info: sane478

3 years ago#2
You actually have to go to the Champs store and purchase tattoos using VC, stupid I know!

User Info: west coast style

west coast style
3 years ago#3
There are more tattoos you can buy with VC points.
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User Info: SkrillaMan

3 years ago#4
Sweet thx guys!
Xbox Gamertag: Skrilla Man
PSN: Italia1002

User Info: BirdBirdman92

3 years ago#5
They need to add some more tats.

User Info: DemonicDraco

3 years ago#6
BirdBirdman92 posted...
They need to add some more tats.

yea, and how bout a few more colored options for those of us that made a white boy? i wanna be inked like anderson from the heat.

throw in some full torso, arm and leg sleaves too... the ability to have a word rather than a single letter would be nice..sure if 2k reached out they'd find plenty of artist that would let em use some of their stuff for free if they put their name in the description of the tatt...
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User Info: dammitdan57

3 years ago#7
The tattoos in this game are horrible. I'm pretty sure you can't even adjust the size of the tattoo so most of them when you put them on your arms they look so small.
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User Info: Mutant8

3 years ago#8
small ass tattoos... couldnt even cover my P*nis :/ no but srsly the tats are horrible, there like those fake things you get at a carnival.
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