If you could request 2 TR Characters it would be....

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3 years ago#1
Nina Williams ( If she comes..i will never lose a round to anyone) using nina for 11 years.... Straight
And Lei Wulong ^-^ Started lei on T3 knew lei before my last name, bow down gentlemen

User Info: IKillFanboys

3 years ago#2
Angel and Christie since that's my TTT2 team
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User Info: Mr_Xenosaga

3 years ago#3
Yoshimitsu and Armor King

User Info: EternalPsychoOr

3 years ago#4
Definitely Nina (especially if it's 5.0 style), and Anna (b/c she can't stay at home watching our kid forever, she has to fight! lol)

User Info: NgoChace

3 years ago#5
Gon and Squidward

User Info: L_Word

3 years ago#6
I already have my main. I'd like my subs to join in though...Miguel and Marduk.

For the sake of variety I think Nina should be added both for her moveset and as another female addition though genders aren't an issue for me. Shes also from the original crew.

I think each character released should bring something fresh to the table with their style. The copies can follow afterward if need be (Anna, Wang, Kunimitsu etc). I realize these character have been developed properly since T5 to further separate them from their original templates but there are others with more unique skills. I also realize that Bryan was pretty much a Bruce clone to begin with but I guess they went with him due to popularity.

With that in mind (whether you love or hate 'em):

Feng Wei

Also, I don't think of myself as the end all-be all definitive word. Its simply a personal opinion. Should others disagree with this thats absolutely understandable.

One last thing. With Criticals and Invincibles in mind i'm not too sure as to whether characters with styles that rely heavily on stances would fare well in TR. If anyone that considers themselves proficient with Lei/Zafina/Eddy etc would like to share their thoughts as to the strength of this statement please feel free. Hows Hwoarang doing thus far?
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User Info: ChaozCloud

3 years ago#7
Julia (not JayCee) and Michelle.
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User Info: TwistedSenses

3 years ago#8
Nina and Yoshi. They've been in all the games; no matter how good or awful they are, I'd like to see the tradition upheld. They are actually two characters who've somewhat branched out beyond Tekken, which should get them even more favor/representation.
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User Info: Dragon5555DDU

3 years ago#9
Devil Jin and Angel.... because lasers is why!
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User Info: friqueuneak

3 years ago#10
Lee and Wang
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