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User Info: high_contrast87

3 years ago#71
Remember Jeremy Blaustein?

Anyone who doesn't know who that is, he was the localiser for MGS1 and worked his butt off to make a quality localisation of the game for wesgern audiences. As well as writing the script he personally involved himself with getting the absolouite best from the voice acting cast, being on the a**'s of every VA so they provided a quality performance, with nearly all of them wishing to turn up and doing a phoned in job so they could collect their paychecks and get out.

In the end he was unceremoniously dropped simply because he didn't do a literal translation of the original text and instead tried to reword Kojima's work so it would better suit a western audience.

The work he put in is evident when comparing the translation of MGS1 to the horrific translation of MGS2, as well as performancces from the likes of Paul Eiding, who sounded fantastic in MGS1 and bored in TTS.

So, if a guy like that, who actually contributed so much to the quality of one of the games can be dropped without so much as a thank you by Kojima, then why should anyone care that Hayter gets dropped when all he did was come in and rread his lines?

Hayter isn't owed anything.

User Info: Bishop_Sasarai

3 years ago#72
F_H_Nukem posted...
sevil_yelims posted...
massive post

you bring a good point

does ANYONE refer to bond movies by the DIRECTOR or writer? LOLno

Hyuk hyuk hyuk, come up with an argument you tool.

And yes, Hayter isn't owed anything. Nobody is, in the grand scheme of things.

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