Eli has to be Liquid

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User Info: MaxiPower90

3 years ago#1
Not only is the resemblance uncanny

I think that is a red beret on his top right shoulder, perhaps a dream to one day become a red beret. The english paratroopers wear it.

The snake on his lap... some say its a shell, but it looks like a snake to me.

anyway great 30 min clip from the twin snakes featuring Liquid for any new fans that doesn't know who he is or for anyone wanting to rewatch a classic scene


inbe4 twin snakes sucks. Its class if your head isn't up your behind.
Once upon a time trolling didn't mean trolling. It meant 'criticism'. Somewhere along the line people stopped being able to take it.

User Info: HighLight43

3 years ago#2
That thing on Eli's lap is a conch. It's probably a reference to Lord of the Flies. I'm feeling lazy, so I'll just copy and paste from wikipedia:

The Conch

When first blown, it calls the children to an assembly, where Ralph is elected leader. They agree that only the boy holding the conch may speak at meetings to forestall arguments and chaos, and that it should be passed around to those who wish to voice their opinion.

From there, my guess is that it could be a symbol of Eli's leadership over a unit of child soldiers.

User Info: kikook

3 years ago#3
Eli is a Biblical name as well; which strengthens the arguments among a bunch of other details.
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User Info: Guyver_Ultima

3 years ago#4
Certainly fits Liquid's ego to use such a name as an alias....or maybe it is his real name? (Forget if it was revealed yet)

User Info: AEJadden

3 years ago#5
First time I saw Eli in the trailer I had the same thought, "man that's gotta be Liquid". So, its either Liquid or Kojima is trolling us again.

User Info: tonberrymasta

3 years ago#6
Just look at the names: E-LI and LI-quid.

User Info: kikook

3 years ago#7
tonberrymasta posted...
Just look at the names: E-LI and LI-quid.

That doesn't make any sense. He's Eli because of David (his brother), a biblical reference.
Bumbleness Supreme Brady.

User Info: big_boss1988

3 years ago#8
no, eli is decoy octopus.
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User Info: Slothotone

3 years ago#9
big_boss1988 posted...
no, eli is decoy octopus.

Eli is Gray Fox
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