Kojima's own MGS games just went from "Rated T" to "Brutal, Hard R"

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  3. Kojima's own MGS games just went from "Rated T" to "Brutal, Hard R"

User Info: GradyHoover

3 years ago#11
sevil_yelims posted...
The only T rated MGS games from the ESRB that I recall are Peace Walker and Portable Ops Plus. The series overall has been Mature rated, and while this game pushes the M rating it's not as though the series has never aimed for the adult audience.

Metal Gear's always been pretty silly, though. Cyborg ninjas, fourth-wall in-jokes, "Johnny," the ridiculousness of the various save-game characters, clones galore, and of course, the Metal Gears themselves - which are terrible, impractical weapons with no actual benefit to them that doesn't already exist in modern warfare.

So it's strange to go "realistic" with all this. Very strange.
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User Info: sevil_yelims

3 years ago#12
So M/R-rated content can't be silly and only serves for realism? That's not true, and you know it.

Are we also forgetting that among those silly things are severed limbs, throat slits, blood, gore, violent deaths, language, brutality, etc?

Only a handful of Metal Gear games have been tame enough for a young audience (based on the ESRB guidelines; might be different in other territories). Outside the T-rated games I previously listed and possibly the early MSX titles (which could be seen as a leeway over the years but still requires a mature mind to play through in terms of actually beating the games) I don't see how the series overall can be looked at as something for a young audience. I'm not saying young gamers can't play these games. MGS being M rated never stopped me from trying it, but the content as it stands from the content I presented are aimed for an older audience in terms of the gameplay itself.

But hey, at least children can enjoy Snake in Smash Bros Brawl so..... that's something.....
I want it all.

User Info: kikook

3 years ago#13
riddlebox89 posted...
kikook posted...
MGS has been rated M until MGS Peace Walker if I'm not wrong (the main games).

A better way to express this in my opinion is to say he's going from M to a hard A. He's trying to get the game banned in other countries.


People saying stuff like this have little to no understanding of what constitutes an AO rating.

Graphic rape, extensive violence, killing children, everything Kojima has implied is going to be in the game. Do you even know what you're talking about? You argue for the sake of arguing most of the time you comment on me.
Bumbleness Supreme Brady.

User Info: GunmaN1905

3 years ago#14
Thing that has always bothered me in both movies and games (most of them anyway).

They kill people, torture them, rape them etc but there are no (or next to none) F words. I mean I dislike movies/games that overdo it, but wouldn't it be more realistic for Snake to say F you ocelot when he tortures him for example.
Just to be clear I don't want F galore and everyone cursing, but realistic amount here and there.
Armstrong used it in MGR, tho.
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  3. Kojima's own MGS games just went from "Rated T" to "Brutal, Hard R"

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