How do you unlock the stages?

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  3. How do you unlock the stages?

User Info: valian_rayne

4 years ago#1
Bought the ultra edition but the stages are still locked.

User Info: hsu_reddie09

4 years ago#2
You have to purchase them from the in-game store using your KP(killer points), which is earned by winning matches.

User Info: segamaster316

4 years ago#3
Ok, this is silly. I already paid $40 for the game. The stages should be unlocked.
Who do you think you are, I am!

User Info: MotionMan25

4 years ago#4
yeah man this gen is bull i spent 60$!!! on ryse and the game wasnt even beat when I put it in. like I spend that much I shouldnt have to play the game to unlock things.

This is just like when I got diablo 3 and had to play for so long just to get items THAT GAME WAS 60$ TO!!

rip offs
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  3. How do you unlock the stages?

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