I have a shadow jago code unused ?

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User Info: godslayer61

3 years ago#1
My question is cant you just get it through dlc or is it only through the xbox live day one year member ship tin case.
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User Info: Hydra1432

3 years ago#2
For now, only with the Day One gold card

For later, maybe after February 1st as DLC
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User Info: dementedlullaby

3 years ago#3
It's only for the Day One XBox Live 1 Year membership cards right now but will likely be available to everyone in February. Kinda lame I gotta wait that long but c'est la vie.
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User Info: jpraelster

3 years ago#4
I messaged you with a offer for the code and odds are its gonna be released in march of next year if I had to guess
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  3. I have a shadow jago code unused ?

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