release date?

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User Info: Guinea12

3 years ago#1
Anyone hear anything about a release date for this? I'm only holding onto my 360 so i can play minecraft.

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User Info: leftturney

3 years ago#2
4J just said today that it will be next year before it comes out. I was really hoping to be playing it by new year's.. dang

User Info: Crauling

3 years ago#3
According to the Examiner, citing a report from Nintendo Enthusiast, Minecraft: PS4 Edition’s release date is speculated to be sometime between June and September of next year.

“The projected release for all three systems is summer 2014.”

Quoted from:
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User Info: Kcrone1988

3 years ago#4
I appreciate the Wiki can sometimes be wrong but it does suggest March:

TBH I need this game now I want bigger worlds and a chance to start over again lol
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User Info: MerenwenHelyane

3 years ago#6
would be nice if March was right
(would be better if it was sooner)
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