different endings

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User Info: datemasamuneX

4 years ago#1
someone please give me a link or describe how to get all the different endings i ( beat ) the game yesterday and i guess it was the worst of them all like everyone in los burritos died and the military guy won

User Info: GrimmTrixX

4 years ago#2
just beat the game again and try different stuff. ending S involves doing overtime mode, ending F involves you not finishing every case. I assume, as usual, another is not finishing all cases but maybe later, and ending A, the true and canon ending in all DR games, is probably the ending with no overtime mode.
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User Info: 2ndAtomisk

4 years ago#3
"los burritos"
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User Info: admiral84

4 years ago#4
2ndAtomisk posted...
"los burritos"

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