can you play split-screen online?

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  3. can you play split-screen online?

User Info: datura333

3 years ago#1
I really want to pick this game up, but before I do I just wanted to know if I could play split online. My gf is a huge fan of PvZ and shooters; so I'm really hoping that you can. I tried looking up info and all that I could find was about one game mode and it seemed like it was offline only.
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User Info: Deftallica

3 years ago#2
From what I've read, no, only the Horde mode vs. AI can be played split screen.
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User Info: GreenTygur

3 years ago#3
Seems like horde mode only, yeah, but on splitscreen it isn't the normal 10 rounds, it keeps going until you fail. Also I think a 3rd player can play boss mode on a smart glass thing to help you out. I have an iPad set up with smart glass app to give it a go later on, seems like a lot of fun.
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User Info: NinjaGuerra

3 years ago#4
Can anyone confirm? No online slitscreen kills it for me D:
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User Info: rareone7

3 years ago#5
I'm kinda bummed about that to,maybe an update will be coming.
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  3. can you play split-screen online?

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