cow level? (spoilers)

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User Info: classic612

4 years ago#1
so is there really no cow level?

User Info: jamesr420

4 years ago#2
There's no cow level , but there is a secret level similar to it.
It is what it is.

User Info: FPS_Titan

4 years ago#3
There is no "Cow Level" in D3.
However, there is a secret level called Winsyshire. Some call it the "Pony" level.
To get there you need to build the Staff of Herding, which requires 3 rare materials and the "Staff of Herding" plan. Then you can build the staff at the Blacksmith and travel there.
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User Info: sithgod513

4 years ago#4

spoilers obviously.
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User Info: hardmerchandise

4 years ago#5
And you're just a stinky bag of flesh with no fur. Haha! Touché!
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