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User Info: J1Z034

3 years ago#1
All I know about the glory and valor is that occasionally monsters will drop a yellow orb for Nephalem Glory, but beyond that I have no idea what is going on. So a few questions:

What does NGlory and NValor do?
How do I get them (other than the orb)?
How many times can they stack, and how do I tell what stack I'm at?
How long do they last, and is there any way to extend that time?

Lots of little questions, any help is awesome.
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User Info: MMF_Legacy

3 years ago#2
Step 1 : Get Nephalem Glory
Step 2 : Hit the Back button
Step 3 : Hit the X button
Step 4 : Tilt your head slightly to the right part of the screen
Step 5 : Read what it does under status effects

For Nephalem Valor, repeat steps 2-5.

User Info: DarkWilSin666

3 years ago#3
^ lol fact.
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User Info: Azarath314

3 years ago#4
Picking up a power globe triggers a burst of energy that strikes nearby enemies for a percentage of your damage, and also grants you and nearby allies the Nephalem Glory buff. Nephalem Glory lasts 60 seconds, after which a secondary damaging energy burst will also be triggered.

Picking up additional power globes while Nephalem Glory is active will level up the power of this energy burst by up to three times; it will also reset the duration of the buff to 60 seconds. Picking up health globes will extend the duration of Nephalem Glory by 5 seconds, and every five health globes will also level up the power of the effect by 1 (again, up to a maximum of three increases).

Nephalem Glory – Level 1 - While Nephalem Glory is active, heroes will deal bonus damage with every attack.
Nephalem Glory – Level 2 - With two levels of Nephalem Glory, heroes will will deal bonus damage that also carries over to nearby enemies with every attack. Additionally, heroes gain 10% bonus movement speed.
Nephalem Glory – Level 3 - With three levels of Nephalem Glory, heroes will deal bonus damage with every attack that also carries over to nearby enemies. Each hit you land while the buff is active has a chance of creating a damaging explosion.

Once you've reached level 60, defeating certain enemies grants you a temporary boost to your abilities called Nephalem Valor. This lasts 30 minutes, persists through death, and stacks with other Nephalem Valor buffs up to five times. Each Nephalem Valor buff provides a 15% increase to the Magic and Gold Find statistics, as well as experience gained towards Paragon levels. Characters who’ve reached the maximum of 300% Magic and Gold Find can add another 75% with five stacks of Nephalem Valor, for a total of 375%.

In addition to bonuses to magic and gold find, an active Nephalem Valor buff grants one extra drop (one additional piece of random loot) from certain bosses for each stack of the buff that you have.

User Info: Azarath314

3 years ago#5
Correction for the 360 and PS3 Nephalem Valor only stacks up to 3

User Info: Megidolaon

3 years ago#6
And max gold/magic find can go past 400%.
NV also raises bonus exp, which can stack up past 500% bonus.
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