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User Info: Phiniox

4 years ago#1
How about the ability to tame certain types of demons. To get skills on them you have to breed them. Melee ranged and magic types of demons. Still can have same amount of equip slots as followers.

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User Info: MeddlingMage22

4 years ago#2
Use the Maximus. Not only do you get a demon follower, it's also on a fire chain that damages
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User Info: MMF_Legacy

4 years ago#3
Eff that...where's muh cold aura merc!

User Info: Phiniox

4 years ago#4
I thought it was a great idea lol. Make farming less boring if your training your demon.

User Info: Supreme_Dante

4 years ago#5
...satanic pokemon?
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User Info: Bad_religion89

4 years ago#6
Can I have a little Treasure Goblin that constantly drops me gold? In incriments of 2-5 of course, I'm not greedy.
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User Info: megabeast37215

4 years ago#7
I'd be happy if I could get a thong outfit and some pasties for my Enchantress... That'd make the Templar howl!

User Info: Megidolaon

4 years ago#8
Only if you can also fuse demons and transfer skills.
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User Info: Phiniox

4 years ago#9
Megidolaon posted...
Only if you can also fuse demons and transfer skills.

Yes I was thinking when you merge the main demon type decides what type of skill it will be melee ranged or magic. The secondary demons level increases chance of better level skill.

3 skill slots like on followers and can replace one if you want a different ability.

User Info: 714kaos

4 years ago#10
I miss aura followers too,zon with might fant n conc .....multi shot...yummm
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