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User Info: DeadZombie05

3 years ago#1
yo guys i made this for all the people looking for stuff or just wanting to trade stuff ill start this off by listing stuff i have to trade and stuff i want if you see something that you want just tell me ok this is what i have
ambo's pride
2 blade of prophecy
bul-kathos's solemn vow
bucher's carver
2 devil tongue
2 doombringer
echoing fury
faithful memory
flesh tearer
heart slaughter
2 incense torch of the grand temple
inna's reach
last breath
manajumas carving knife
monster hunter
just to name some of the weapons i have
armor i have
seven sins
vile ward
death watch mantle
a lot of monk helms
squirts necklace
and a lot more
if you want to know if i have any other stuff (witch i do trust me) just ask
im looking for
innas belt
witch doctor stuff
or good barbarian stuff
stats on request thank you

User Info: snoopyg87

3 years ago#2
im intrested in your 2 devil tongues and echo's fury my gt is snoopy g if you have mic as i have lots to trade and do you have any legendary plans

User Info: VerbelKent

3 years ago#3
Anything mage related I am up for trading sadly all I really have to offer is dex based weapons

User Info: DeadZombie05

3 years ago#4
i have a friend who has mage stuff any thing in particular?

User Info: VerbelKent

3 years ago#5
Whatever I can get my hands on honestly, I cant get decent mage drops to save my life

User Info: DeadZombie05

3 years ago#6
ok ill send u a message on xbox live


3 years ago#7
Looking for innas pants and daibo. I have int stuff mostly. But if any one needs mage gear and has the two items above message me on xbl. GT: NEPHALEMxVALOR

User Info: omegaspacepirat

3 years ago#8
If you got any decent DH gear, send me a message, just hit level 60 a while ago. I have a few scattered legendaries that I'd be willing to trade if you want em.
I want to prestige so that everybody will know that I have a huge ****- Velvet_Llama
GT: EAF RainbowDash

User Info: ozrodrigo

3 years ago#9
Hey Dead Zombie 05, do u have seven sins plans and sage's plight set plans?

User Info: abobobee

3 years ago#10
What are the stats on the carving knife cause I have innas belt
Gamertag: x SINESTR0 x
PSN: Abobobee
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