Damn treasure goblins keep getting away on Master I difficulty (Inferno)

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  3. Damn treasure goblins keep getting away on Master I difficulty (Inferno)

User Info: pro9b17

3 years ago#1
I have a Puzzle Ring equipped on my follower, and have been playing through Inferno on Master 1 difficulty. I missed the first four Treasure Goblins that appeared because I was caught up battling huge waves of enemies, and didn't realize that one had appeared until I happened to see one disappear through it's portal. It's pretty annoying to miss one that many times.

Are there any telltale signs I should look out for to know if one has appeared? Using my Wizard and casting tons of spells, along with enemy hordes dropping gold when they die basically conceals the gold trail a treasure goblin leaves when it's running away. Or sometimes I'll catch a glimpse of one, simply by seeing it's name and health bar appear on my screen for a brief moment, but have no idea which way it went while I am fighting hordes of monsters.

I know they make that laugh right before they go through their portals, but by then it's too late. Are there any other signs I should look out for in case one has appeared? The ones that I miss appear off screen most of the time, and as I mentioned, when I find them, it's too late as they immediately hop into their portal.
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User Info: rem082583

3 years ago#2
Dude I've had the same problem. I'm on master 1 inferno my wife has heard me cuss and raise all up. I have a paragon 5 barbarian. I see a goblin. I stay away until all enemies are dead. Then I charge him with my berserk attack call in freeze earthquake and summon my golden dudes. I BARELY kill him. If my companion attacks him first while I am killing hell spawn I don't even try to go for him. I do >60k damage and hes unaffected by stun attacks.

User Info: kranders26

3 years ago#3
They make a sound like change dropping when they appear but you still won't notice them a lot of the time. The proc every 15 minutes or so, so you just get in the habit of paying attention if/when they should be popping up.
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  3. Damn treasure goblins keep getting away on Master I difficulty (Inferno)

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